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Many software enhancements and improvements happen throughout the year in Civil 3D Updates. The Civil 3D 2019 release in no exception. The 2019.1 Update is probably more significant than the initial release. The remorseless state and rate-of-change never ends. A single one of these new Civil 3D capabilities can shave days of work off the projects you are plugging away at today.

Civil engineers and surveyors know Autodesk makes powerful civil software tools. We all quickly discover there are lots of moving pieces and tons of intimate details involved in making the software work in the real world.

Needless to say, the on-going maintenance and proactive changes are a significant investment for organizations of all sizes. No matter what, we’ve got to get all of that Civil 3D detail straight and working well together into an integrated system if we want a truly productive Civil 3D working environment.

Autodesk claims that if you want their expensive software tools to actually work, all of that work is up to you. Is this somewhat dubious customization capability a benefit or perhaps an ode to civil engineering and survey diversity?

Let Us Debunk the Autodesk Myth

Rapid adaption to the ever-changing climate in Civil 3D Land is mission critical to professional and business success. Change can be potentially profitable or very painful. Many folks believe that they must simply endure this insidious form of software waterboarding year after year.

You might find it hard to believe that many of our Framework customers learn this pain and hassle is no longer necessary.

We think differently. We prove to customers daily that no one has to live with this chaos in their production work environment.
We make our Framework for Civil 3D production solutions robust, adaptable, and affordable.
Can we actually say the words Autodesk and Affordable in the same sentence?
That is a little crazy.

We support Civil 3D in many releases. We even guarantee those Civil 3D Upgrades are positively painless. It’s a fact. We’ve delivered on that promise for too many releases and updates to Civil 3D to count.
Today we release the latest…

Framework Release 7 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2019.1

The new Framework for Autodesk Civil 3D 2019.1 products are now available.
These include:

In answer to the most common question about the Framework for Civil 3D…

“It’s in there.”

All Release 7 updates and changes for Framework can always be found on the Release 7 Details page. We actually tell folks what we improve and change.

This website also provides some of the best Civil 3D up to the minute help and free training videos on the web.
Register today. Get more competency.

You can try and buy the real deal for the about price of a bank service charge.
We did say you can get affordable Civil 3D 2019.1 templates and Civil 3D 2019.1 styles today.

Try Templates Only Release 7 for Civil 3D 2019.1

More Than Templates and Styles

The Framework for Civil 3D truly is a US Imperial County Kit for Civil 3D and more. The Framework complies with all the many national standards recommendations. Multiple versions of the NCS are supported with resources to easily exchange these layer standards. The latest 2019.1 release includes new DoD (US Dept of Defense) and US Army Corps layer standards support.

See the recent Release 8 Layer Standards NCS 6 AddOn and Release 8 Layer Standards NCS 6 AIA AddOn posts for the new nuanced and powerful layer standards details. Those new NCS 6 tools are available for both Civil 3D 2018 and Civil 3D 2019. The tools and resources can be employed in older Civil 3D releases and other AutoCAD based software too. Oh, my.

The Framework supports a staggering standards list. These days you can employ Framework products to publish your deliverables to multiple versions of the NCS, many common variants, and even that picky client’s BIM specification with ease. Our customers say we have the best tools for export to DGN and other apps too. Who knew?

Can Your Templates for Civil 3D Do All That?

You can now deliver in specifics to more customers in more complex projects with less effort.
Converting to the Framework is easier than you imagine and the results are more consistent, flexible, and productive.
The Framework user motto: Work the Same and Publish on Demand.

We don’t sell code. We…

Make Civil 3D Work For Customers

The Framework for Civil 3D is a set of in-depth, managed resources and powerful Spreadsheet Tools built to build such standards. The Framework exists to help you customize and manage Civil 3D as a system.

This depth of managed and detailed resources means that the Framework for Civil 3D works right out of the box.

That is an innovative idea.

Get the Framework for Civil 3D
Innovation Beyond the Code