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Whew! This month has been a particularly busy. Most people out there in Civil 3D Land these days know the drill. Work. Work. Work. If you really know Civil 3D, you can work anywhere. More competency matters.

We released significant Framework product Release 7 Civil 3D 2019.1 Upgrades. We also released new Release 8 NCS 6 Layer Standards AddOns for the Framework for Civil 3D. It is a little crazy to deliver parts of the upcoming Release 8 for the Framework Release 7 customers today.

The reality is that few of the daily production work crowd will update their Civil 3D project work in mid-stream. I recognize that it helps our customers to know and actually see what can and will benefit them next. What you promise to deliver should have substance. That makes sense to me.

Long Haul Civil 3D Solutions for the Real World

A long-time customer and CAD Manager called to chat about the usual Civil 3D upgrade stuff. He remarked that his company had been a Framework customer in one form or another for a decade. Cool.

“You should write a book on Civil 3D.”

I laughed and pointed out that this website, the blog, and the Framework for Civil 3D itself really is a continuously updated and self-published book. Let’s title that…

The Better Managed Civil 3D

You can Register and become a Member. I hope that gets you a more organized perspective on the Better Managed Civil 3D.

I didn’t intend to start out to do a self-publishing thing. The classic publishing approach to courseware and the offers to do Civil 3D books from the publishers you know didn’t float my boat at the time. Writing and editing basic how-to courseware that gets new users started is good and important stuff. Been there and done that. Different forms of useful content mattered to me.

The ability to produce significant and practical content in any forms that work to actually improve project delivery for lots of customers is something I know is more important.

I mean that word know in the most Biblical sense. To me that know means you’re responsible for the children and fruits you produce. Dude. Train your own stuff up and make that better.

Then It Hits Me

I’ve been head down working to get all the latest and greatest out the door and into the hands of the folks that use it.

I totally missed our 10-year anniversary of MoreCompetency Inc - the company, the cadpilot website, and the Jump on Civil 3D blog.

I suppose a decade of twice a week posts mostly on the deeper Civil 3D technical matters is nothing to sneeze at. Maybe that means it’s time to thin down the archived posts again. Probably that proves I can make column publishing deadlines for what that’s worth. Somewhere in all that blah blah blah there’s are occasional juicy bits that I trust have been useful to you.

The 10x of Many Thanks

Thanks to Autodesk for producing software products that need to be explained… usually more than once.

Thanks to the Civil 3D diva herself. She can do amazing stuff if we can figure out how to communicate with her.

Thanks to the visitors who read this blog.
A blog wasn’t trendy back in the day when I started.
Like I said, my goal was to make Civil 3D approachable and useable in smaller chunks and to cover the more complex and detailed topics in many collected series of posts.
That is a form or forum of madness I guess.
Apparently given the current Civil 3D blogger numbers, the work of a blog is not as fashionable today as it used to be either.
Ok. Summers and holidays do tend to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Special thanks to those that take the time to comment back to me via emails. You know your apt corrections to my all too frequent missteps are in there. You know as well that your great ideas are included in both the Framework products and many posts.

A simply stunned thanks to the people who just hop onto PayPal and send me/us money to support the work of the Framework and all the rest of this. Whoa. I never imagined that.

Thanks to our customers for helping to foot the bills and all the shared whines that, more often than not, we’ve together managed to turn into better wine over time.

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