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Truth be told, the initial concept of the Framework for Civil 3D began over a beer at an AU many years ago. That small event might once again prove the point that free beer is responsible for the rise of civilization. Speaking of building civilization…

We Need Civil 3D Templates and Styles that Work

For regular attendees AU 2018 in Las Vegas, NV starts today. If you work for Autodesk, are a developer, or got a special invite, the odds are AU 2018 is one or even more days old. You could be already be a bit bleary-eyed and foot sore.

Enjoy yourself at Autodesk University. I always do.

My favorite part of Autodesk University has always been the wealth of people with different experience you meet and interact with. Oh yeah. To present as a regular AU Speaker can be fun. These days I can work for a couple of weeks in AU Speaker shirts. People ask what the shirt is about…

Spread the Secret of the Framework for Civil 3D

If you are a Framework for Civil 3D customer, remember to tell all the other Civil 3D users you meet about the Framework. If you don’t who will? Certainly not Autodesk or most of the Autodesk Resellers.

The Advantage of Framework and Teamwork

I know what I ask is hard. It’s tough.

Trust me. No one can give away the tremendous competitive advantage gained by employing the best Civil 3D templates; the in-depth Civil 3D Styles library; the integrated resources; and powerful Spreadsheet Tools delivered in the latest Jump Kit.


Release 8 Layer Standards in the Framework

You might find people who will whine about issues with Civil 3D that you don’t quite understand and only vaguely remember. They still struggle with the nasty, picky, and silly details. You never experience that crap in your daily work. Please recall that once upon a time you did.

Some say that the Civil 3D Diva is a dominatrix in spandex and leather. Is it easy to forget the pain?

You put down the shovel and climbed out of the ditch.

Give ‘em a hand up. It’s the kind, neighborly thing to do.

They Might Find You Deplorable

I know. Many Civil 3D geeks and even regular folks won’t believe you when you rave about the Civil 3D Framework. I’m sorry.

They cannot conceive that a product as affordable as the Framework, that contains no code, and works great in multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D is even possible.

They believe the Autodesk Myth that everything must be customized for you.
That really means…by you.

The Marvel of Production is not the Glitz

The superpower engine of managed Civil 3D customization coupled with InstantOn production capability for Civil 3D users is unthinkable. This magic of engineered execution is inconceivable. This must be fake news or marketing hype.

Remember. They’ve probably been Autodesk customers for years and years. Such a cynical disbelief is understandable.
You had a Me Too moment.
That has yet to happen to them.
It can.

Tell them About the Magic Beyond the Code
Whisper Framework…Framework