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For reasons that should be obvious, I get questions all the time about configuring and implementing Civil 3D from customers both small and large. Always happy to help. To get Civil 3D to run is sort of built into the automated Autodesk install. How those install defaults allow the software work are probably not exactly what most people want to employ in a real Civil 3D production environment. You can use them. Some people basically get by this way. You will probably work way too hard in Civil 3D.

We Work In Civil 3D

The name of Cadpilot website evolved from the sort of questions that come up about what to do when we sit down to work every morning in a complex piece of software. We clunk down in the cockpit and go to town. What you do is, unquestionably, mostly automatic. The scary and interesting fact is that the task work itself often reduces to a human-flavored form of autopilot too. The neuroscience of the human physical autopilot is fascinating and interesting stuff to me.

When we have to effectively communicate skill directly connected to our human kinetic intelligence, we quickly discover that learning and training are not the same thing.

Does this human autopilot we depend to perform the real work mean that repetitive and focused Civil 3D drills may be more productive for users than classroom instruction?
Maybe I should deliver Civil 3D katas or Civil 3D pilates (if you prefer) as a service?

We Adapt to Upgrades and Updates or Not

People hate it when Autodesk moves stuff around in the interface. Worse yet - they rename a command in the Ribbon. The “Where the heck is it” syndrome can paralyze a department. Some people can’t even tolerate a change in theme color and/or the shape of tool icons.

Folks requested an updated Cadpilot Setup Checklist video for Civil 3D. We can and should train our startup autopilot. We can do that.


The Civil 3D Setup Checklist

There is a lot going on when we open Civil 3D. Sadly, it is way too easy to miss the fact that Civil 3D Project Templates are way more useful and productive than many understand.

We Work On Civil 3D

There is a whole series of detailed posts about Civil 3D Project Templates, their creation, contents, and implementation. This Civil 3D Projects and Setup page contains the entire series post links and all the videos. Civil 3D Project Template development usually pays off big time. That requires we get our perspectives stretched beyond the confines of Civil 3D.

Needless to say, Survey in Civil 3D deserves a separate Civil 3D Survey Setup Checklist. We can do that.


The Civil 3D Survey Setup Checklist

Some civil engineering design folks who use Civil 3D choose to ignore the powerful tools built into Survey in Civil 3D. This is like driving Civil 3D with one hand or employing no friendly Right Click menus – Simply painful.

See the Intersections and Corridors page for the videos and linked posts for Corridor Station points that you can employ to document and annotate in detail any Feature Line locations.

Maybe I should rename this post The Setup for Success in Civil 3D.

The Freedom to Work in Civil 3D
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Adaptive and Integrated Civil 3D Posts

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