Civil 3D 2021 Features and His Hot Fix

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Like many of you out there is Civil 3D Land, I do pay careful attention to what Autodesk has to say about the new features and benefits of the new release of Autodesk Civil 3D 2021. I strive to be a helpful skeptic not a cynic.

Civil 3D 2021 includes the usual mix of solid improvements to production capabilities, undocumented fixes to errant code, and some somewhat raw new capabilities. Yes. There is already a new Civil 3D Hot Fix to repair a crash on open bug for Pressure Pipes. Ouch.

Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.0.1 Hot Fix

The Hot Fix addresses an issue that causes Civil 3D 2021 to close unexpectedly when opening a drawing with a pressure network pipe run that contains curves. The Hot Fix is relatively painless to install from the Autodesk Desktop App.

In case you missed it, here’s the official Autodesk Civil Team rollout webinar presentation…


What’s New in Civil 3D 2021 and Infraworks 2021

There’s always the rest of the story…

There’s the what didn’t get done that concerns us all. There exist the host of things we all wish Autodesk might fix that didn’t happen this time around. Arrrgh.

Civil 3D Will Only Get Better…

I have my bitch list. You have yours.
Tell Autodesk to fix the silly stuff you find and must deal with every day.
Civil 3D will only get better if you do.

The Framework for Civil 3D and the huge included collections of Civil 3D Template, Civil 3D Styles, and other mission critical resources depends on what is and what works in any new public Upgrade or Update to any version of Civil 3D.

That means the nuances and inconsistencies of the Civil 3D Object Model perhaps slaps me painfully in the face more often than most this time of year. More about those Rights of Spring another time.

Excuse me if I go a little tongue in cheek…
Seems to be appropriate for the season and our mutual circumstance.

The Slap That Refreshes

Secular Humanists love to somewhat pervert what Jesus meant by the act of turning the other cheek often for their own progressive political ends.
Usually, a secular humanist prefers make accusations about intention not substance.
According to lots of very good science, intention is something we humans tend make up after the fact not before.

There is nothing non-violent about why Jesus chooses to turn the other cheek at His trial.
Say What?

A slap in the face was a formal charge of blasphemy in a Jewish court.
A charge of blasphemy means you are falsely testifying about God in public.
To give any false testimony in court was already capitol offense and probably for good reason.

The punishment for blasphemy includes what we would call these days a formal charge of false witness with specific circumstances requiring the death penalty by extreme means. Murder most foul if you like.

Left unsaid but well understood…
To falsely accuse someone with the offense in open court also carries the death penalty for the Accuser.

This formal courtroom slap and charge had little or nothing to do with our false modern notions about duels, honor, or domestic violence for that matter.

One person in that court -either the Accuser or the accused must die. No ifs. No ands. No buts.
That might keep lawyers on their toes and a bit more well-behaved?

He offered the other cheek to formally challenge that the testimony before the court was true.
A false judgement is a far worse crime than the foul crime of false testimony.
His offer of the other cheek testified to both authority of the court and the false charge of the Accuser.

In Dirty Harry speak, “Go ahead. Make my day.”

We all know how the story worked itself out.
That tale has nothing to do with the Easter Bunny or chocolate eggs.

The result clearly matters to us all whether you want to like that or not.

His cheeks story instructs us about the deception of accusation based on perceived intention and the terrible consequences we can bring upon ourselves when we give ourselves over to the practice.

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