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If you use Autodesk Civil 3D in any release, the odds are that you employ LandXML (and some of the other supported ASCII text formats) inside your civil engineering and survey projects. If you don’t at least employ LandXML to backup and protect externally Civil 3D Features like Surfaces, Parcels, Alignments and Profiles, I really don’t know what to say. Do the do.

LandXML in Project Workflows

I consider external LandXML support and usage to be a practical production must do workflow in Civil 3D. The scary idea of a published and approved DREF existing surface that does not include a LandXML surface file dependency sort of disturbs me.
See the Manage Civil 3D Dependencies post and series links.
Live connections to COGO Points and Points Groups in such a surface give me the Crash my Civil 3D project drawing PTSD flashbacks and shakes for good reason.

Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can use Civil 3D productively to employ Civil 3D Site Parcels, Parcels, and Site Alignments to perform Parcel work without using lots of LandXML. Probably just me. What do I know? See the Managed Parcels From Alignments video and related post(s).

Saw this interesting and very useful video post on how to employ LandXML in a another new and different way on the Autodesk Knowledge Network site this week. It’s worth a look see…


Create an Alignment and Profile from a Feature Line

Jowenn Lua, from the Downunder, walks through a neat trick to employ a Quick Profile and LandXML tools to create an Alignment and Profile from a Feature Line (or 3D Polyline) in Civil 3D.
Boring? Not really. Please. Don’t go to sleep on me now.

Get Better Design Control for Corridors

Can you say,

How to build better managed design control from Feature Lines from Corridor output?

I thought that nuance might be obvious, but you never know. It is easy to miss all the ramifications of workflows we don’t employ all that often. The Civil 3D Diva is full of this nuance or nonsense.

Alignment and Profile LandXML Relief

At times it comes in handy to employ Best Fit tools in Alignment and Profile constructions. Then the time comes when really you don’t want those messy and nasty details anymore. LandXML to the rescue. See the Best Fit Fix with LandXML video and post. Truly an oldy but goldly.

Framework for Civil 3D Futures

Why this current focus on LandXML and XML input into Civil 3D in general? Ok. I’m head down producing tons of new Description Key Set and FigureDb content from our Spreadsheet Tools in both XML and DWG formats for the latest Framework for Civil 3D 2021 release that is coming soon.

Call Me Crazy for Content

Why would anyone in the world want 1500+ Description Key Sets to document everything and anything in civil engineering design or survey? Can you say Alignment-based Point documentation of Corridor Features lines based on specialty Project tasks like Airport design, Flood Control, Levee design, Irrigation, Grading structures, Rail, Dams, Bridges, Overpasses, and even sunny Beaches erosion control?
See the Better Civil 3D Codes to Cry For post for more details and hints.
See the Point Wizardry in Civil 3D page for videos.

Content that Works Matters

If you can design it in a Civil 3D Corridor, the Framework for Civil 3D can deliver ways to document your design better and faster than ever before.

The Framework for Civil 3D is a managed and integrated system built from the ground up for Civil 3D production work. It works out of the box. That should make project sense.

The fact that the Framework for Civil 3D is so affordable is probably a bit crazy.

The Framework for Civil 3D Products

Two Releases of the Framework for the Price of One

Customers who purchase the affordable Jump Kit Release 8 2020 between April 15, 2020 (the Civil 3D 2021 ship date) and our upcoming Jump Kit Release 8 for Civil 3D 2021 ship day will receive a free upgrade to Jump Kit Release 8 for Civil 3D 2021.

Need to Learn Civil 3D?

The Framework for Civil 3D is your best Civil 3D training bet. Our Templates Only trial product with thousands of fully functional production styles and other resources works out of the box. Templates Only is available for only a $35 service charge.

Managed Content Makes Civil 3D Work
Get the Framework for Civil 3D Release 8