What is the Framework for Civil 3D

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If we move around the tiny little verb in the title of this post, we can change a lot about that title and our perception. We can swiftly change the implied question into a statement - What the Framework for Civil 3D is. In Yoda speak we might say - The Framework for Civil 3D what is. One of my personal favorites.

Funny thing. This silly grammar play seems to speak volumes about how Framework customers both see and employ our tools for Autodesk Civil 3D.

What is the Framework for Civil 3D?

What we speak…

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Managed and integrated System built from the ground up for Civil 3D production work.

The entire Framework for Civil 3D contains the largest, most diverse, most adaptive, and easiest to customize set of inclusive resources for Civil 3D production work available anywhere on the planet. The answer to the question…

It’s in there.


The Latest Framework for Civil 3D AddOn Improvement

The Framework for Civil 3D in a continuously developed product with improved sets of powerful Style tools and other production resources always in the works. The Framework keeps getting better.
Clearly the Framework is all about…

The Power of Choice

The Framework supports multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D in multiple flavors.

We guarantee Framework product resources for one Release of Civil 3D will Update and even upgrade and work in the next Civil 3D Release. We have managed to keep that promise for well over a decade. The Framework products are the oldest and continuously improved Autodesk Civil 3D 3rd party products not owned and/or supported by Autodesk.

It might be it is a bit disturbing to some folks that the Framework products are not software.
All technology products are software. Right? No. Our innovative products prove that useful and well-maintained Content is a viable and very useful product too.

Innovation Beyond the Code

The Framework products do all this robust and adaptive magic without any code customers have to buy, install, and subscribe to.

Great content tool resources for Civil 3D do matter. The creation, edit, and maintenance of all that not-so-silly stuff is what steals our days and gets in the way of better data gathering, analysis, design optimization, and the professional deliverable results all civil engineers and survey professionals get paid for.

Our codeless approach allows the Framework products tools and content resources to work with Civil 3D 3rd party software or not. Just point your Civil 3D to the Framework resources and Civil 3D behaves and performs differently.

The Framework for Civil 3D Jump Kit product includes our famous, and often copied, Spreadsheet Tools to help our customers edit, manage, and maintain a Framework that can call their own.

We do not currently supply metric versions of Civil 3D templates; custom Pipe and Pressure Pipe catalogs; customized or specialized Design Criteria files; or custom libraries of Subassembly Composer PKT files.

The Framework Products are Affordable

The Framework for Civil 3D products work out of the box.

The Framework and Your Civil 3D Customization

If you employ Civil 3D in production today, the odds are you already have Civil 3D Templates are Civil 3D Style collections that are fundamentally acceptable.
Are they consistent? Are they robust? Are they adaptive?

We ask - Can we better support diversity, sustainability, and adaptability in our Civil 3D Style Libraries and resources, the multiple forms of Civil 3D Templates, and in more types and kinds of Project Deliverables?
We mean by:

  • Diversity - the need to support human preference both internal and external
  • Sustainability - Civil 3D Update and Release Upgrade survivability, consistency, and stability
  • Adaptability - the ever-increasing demand to deliver and annotate more detailed Civil 3D models in new ways and to varied standards

Is the Framework a Civil 3D Customization?

This is a classic strawman question. It misconstrues and confuses the meaning, reasons, and purposes for the customization of Civil 3D in the first place. Most of our actual production issues in Civil 3D are not all that personal unless we choose to make it so.

The Framework asks and answers the simple question…

Why Must We Customize to Make Civil 3D Work?

Most of the development work required to make Civil 3D resources viable and useable in production is detailed, nuanced, and downright silly relative to the significance of your professional civil engineering and survey project work.

If we employ Civil 3D in production or need to, we must sooner or later produce and maintain something like the Framework whether we like that or not. It comes with the territory.

Our customers purchase the Framework for Civil 3D products for two basic reasons.

  • They just use the product maybe with minor tweaks
  • They employ the Framework resources as a Parts Library to add tools on demand

Based on a bunch of experience, both these common customer initial intentions tend to become the same thing in the long run.
This circles us back to my original “What is”, “is What” grammar play from the start of this post.

What is the Framework of Civil 3D?

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Manufactured Solution

We create and maintain managed, engineered, and manufactured Civil 3D parts and other resources that work together in an integrated Civil 3D system that produces better, robust, and more adaptive behavior from Autodesk Civil 3D for the benefit of a lot of customers with many very different needs.

As I said to one of our customers this week,

“Tedious is that magic word that separates the Manufactured from the customized.”

Whether you say “Amen” or “Amoron” is a matter of perception, expectation, and opinion.

The Liberty to Make Civil 3D Work
Get the Framework for Civil 3D


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