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“Any day now. Any day now. I shall be released.”
Of course, those words are in the chorus of the famous Bob Dylan tune “I Shall Be Released” from 1967. The song was first covered by The Band and sung by Richard Manuel. The song has since been recorded and performed by the Who’s Who of Rock, Country, Reggae and more including…Wait for it…Elvis.

[Que the bumper music – The I Shall Be Released version from the Last Waltz]
Hey. Didn’t Jerry Garcia Band record a better version? What about Jos Cocker, The Band and Dylan himself all at Woodstock? Three times at Woodstock alone? No kidding.
Yes. The I Shall Be Released anthem became a religious thing - Still is I suppose.

The powerful melody and haunting words of I Shall Be Released reflect a common feeling we all understand all too well these days.

It seems to me that the sign of a good product improvement is often coupled to that very feeling. We want the hard, life and time-sucking work to be over, but it never quite is…at least not yet. Just sayin’.

Civil 3D Label Style Expressions and Portability

Back in November I started this new adventure and endeavor in Civil 3D Label Style Expression Sets, I already had a good idea of what I was getting into. Silly me.
You all certainly have civil engineering and survey projects that start out like that. Eheh.

In the Civil 3D Label Style Expressions post, I lay out, in detail, the issues of Civil 3D Label Style Expression portability and the Framework for Civil 3D +ALWAYS IMPORT Style solution.
I won’t repeat myself.

Expressions Don’t Work Alone

I believe that better Civil 3D Label Style Expressions tend to run in packs that do the work together. The Civil 3D Diva is like that. She is always demanding that we collect and maintain stuff whether we like it or not.
We call these packs of Expressions and Label Style collections - Label Style Expression Sets.

If you have a great song, even a good backup band working together can make a hit to be remembered.

If you give an engineer an Expression, he wants a collection of Expressions and Label Style resources that work together with them.
See the Civil 3D Contour Labels Unleashed post and videos for recent examples.

Expression Set Questions and Answers

This Expression Set theme begs another question…
Can we employ an ALWAYS IMPORT Label Style to document how an Expression Set works and the results that all those Expressions working together produce?
You bet.


Civil 3D Label Style Expression Visibility

The magic of Civil 3D Style Tools continues to amaze.
I wish I had thought of this not so simple idea long ago. I did not. Thanks to the Framework customer who did and shared the core of this better form of content resource back with us.
It is easier to Edit than Create.

This quick sneak peek video into the Expression Set guts of the upcoming Spot Elevation Label Style Expression Set AddOn clearly demonstrates that there can be more to an ALWAYS IMPORT Style than prophylactic protection for our Civil 3D Label Style Expressions.

The Civil 3D Diva demands that we produce proactive tools and managed content resources to help us get more work done in less time with less effort in Civil 3D. Or not?

Someday real soon now - We shall be released.

The Liberty to Work in Civil 3D
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