Better Civil 3D Surface Style Collections

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Once more unto the breech, dear friends. A new Civil 3D 2022 is upon us like a tide. Should I quit with the Shakespeare references? Is this simply too much Kingly literary reference for civil engineers and survey folk? Funny. Did not I hear a speech much like King Henry’s just this week? Pomp and masked circumstance signifying what exactly? Churchill’s take was far more apt.

I must be all atwitter from too much Civil 3D 2022 upgrade and update rumble and rout. Oh. Bother.
That valiant effort at least should produce for Framework for Civil 3D customers something of substance they can use instead of loose.

Civil 3D Surface Style AddOns Arrive

MoreCompetency released a major Surface Style AddOn update for the Release 8 Framework for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020 Jump Kit Style Libraries. Many new and useful Surface Style variants are included and work out of the box to meet the many demands of production work in Civil 3D.

Jump Kit product customers for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020 for both the NCS 6 and AIA flavors may now download the Surface Style AddOn from the respective download pages.

The new and improved Surface Style Tools will be integrated into upcoming future builds of the Framework for Civil 3D 2022, Civil 3D 2021.2+, and Civil 3D 2020.5+.
All the supplied Style Tools should be backwards compatible with earlier Framework for Civil 3D 2019 and Civil 3D 2018 versions.
Most of the Layers assigned in styles agree with earlier released Framework for Civil 3D Release 7 NCS versions.

Civil 3D Production Surface Style Collections

New and rebuilt Surface Style collections are supplied.
Most of the supplied additions and fixes were based on customer requests.

All the previously supplied Surface Style Tools have been improved and/or fixed to perform better and produce more consistent Surface Style Tool results.

New collections of Surface automatic Screening versions of Surface Styles are supplied to facilitate better and improved publication of Civil 3D Surfaces and improve Surface Label Annotation.

The new Screening Surface Style Tools work in both STB and CTB for all types of Civil 3D Surface models that produce Elevation Ranges.

Surface Style Collections include:

  • Rebuild of all previously supplied Surface Styles
    Corrections to Style names and Surface Style property fixes and updates
  • Rebuild of all previously supplied Thematic Surface Styles
    Minor consistency corrections to a few Surface Style properties
  • Updates and fixes to all previously supplied Surface Style Descriptions
  • A new Screened Surface Style collection of Existing, Proposed, and No Plot Contours at multiple Contour intervals
    A new Surface Style is also supplied that only produces Screening of any objects below a surface.
  • A new Screened Thematic Surface Style collection of Proposed Contours at multiple intervals and as Triangles are supplied.
    All versions of the previously supplied Surface Thematic Style are supplied with Screening.
  • Renamed copies of old Surface Style resource files and Style Tool contents are supplied for consistency

Surface Style Collection Details

Screening is produced with a single Elevation Pastel Range and a 0% Screening plotstyle assigned to the NCS Design TINN-VIEW layer.

The supplied Screening Styles when employed in CTB requires an Elevation analysis is run.
Color 240+ should be assigned to the single Range result to conform to and produce screening with the supplied CTB file resources.

The produced screening effect from any Surface is AutoCAD Display Order dependent.

New supplied Styles employ the classic NCS "C-", "V-", and "G-" Discipline Codes for Layer assignments.

The supplied Layer Standards resources include potential support for other NCS official Disciplines which may be applicable for these Styles.

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