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One of the essentials earmarks of Mother’s Day, besides the almost mandatory flowers, chocolates, and cards things, are the photos. “Honey. You sit over there. Please, smile.” Most Moms appear to want pictures of everything. Which gets me to wondering about how much of the current cloud and disk space is dedicated to digital photos and videos these days. Whatever size we would hazard to guess, you can bet would be far too small.

I suppose that Moms glean certain vital data and information from all those photos. Lord knows, they all appear to have the super-duper camera phones to prove it. My not-so-new-one phone can perhaps render random nose and ear hairs at a distance of 25 to 30 feet. Eheh.
Sometimes Less is More.

Out here in Civil 3D Land, we also know and recognize that Civil engineers and surveyors want something else again from photos these days. Indeed, theirs is separate and distinct form of photo lust. A horde of pics can be useful…


Autodesk ReCap Pro 2022 Playlist

By the bye. Autodesk also released complimentary and improved cloud-enabled Updates to the older versions of ReCap Pro this week. Now most engineering pros can share like Mom. Who knew?

Somewhere out there, some drone pilot flew a Mother’s Day backyard BBQ far in advance of July 4th.

We celebrated ours under the trees in an unnamed location in California with Corona’s just to be safe and to celebrate properly. Just sayin’.

Aerial Publication in Civil 3D

Late last week a customer was kind enough to remind and thank me for the recent reprise of DWF aerial photo publishing tips. A DWF publication of a 150 Mb aerial rendered down to a paltry 633KB. Whoa.

Share Sanely

Hmmm? Doesn’t Share Sanely sound like the name of a politically correct Instagram influencer?

See the recent - The Civil 3D DWF Publication Reprise post for more about those DWF publication details.
Yes. You do want to check that the output resolution set in your pc3 is set to a reasonable dpi.
Sometimes Less is More.

Needless to say, you do want to remember to store your DWF IREFs in separate XREF container drawings and not link them directly as IREFs into your publication drawings unless you really want really big final PDFs.
Sometimes More is Less.

Ah, the nuanced wonders of Autodesk Civil 3D Intelligent on Demand publication.

This nuance is sort of like picking the right kind flowers and exactly the right box of chocolates on Mother’s Day.

Can tiny little chocolate cupcakes that appear to be flowers cover the Mother's Day bases all in one whack? Yum.
Best you ask your Mom.

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