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I enjoy finding examples and folks who creatively learn to employ the Power of Not to production work in Autodesk Civil 3D. Huh? What the hay does the Power of Not mean? I trust that you do understand the difference between the Boolean logic of AND and OR in expressions. Eheh.

NOT is the third chord (the tie that binds) is this holy trinity of logic.

What the Hay?

Simply put - If we want to find a needle in a haystack, we never want to search the hay.

One thing about Civil 3D is certain…There are lots of haystacks in the Civil 3D data behind and Civil 3D workflow mechanics. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity to apply the logical Power of NOT.


Understand NOT Keys and BESTWay Keys

Obviously, Survey in Civil 3D contains lots of Power of NOT opportunities as we can see form this short video.

Sorry, I do have to ask…Do you always employ Survey Queries and maintain a library of such things?

In answer to the most often asked question about the Framework for Civil 3D…It’s in there.

Those NOT location opportunities apply equally as well to Civil 3D design workflows. We all know how this applies to the logic of Layer properties and Layer States in the publication environment inside Autodesk Civil 3D. A quick peek at the beginning of this video makes that clear.


Civil 3D Point Wizardry For Plan Production Tools

This video also explores the Power of NOT as applied to the Separation of Powers principals that are paramount to all effective Civil 3D production workflows and publication processes.

Our Civil 3D projects are really all about shared project-data and maintaining a Managed Dynamic Model.


The Data Shortcut Manager and DREF Replacement

Managed Design changes are the mission critical path to success effectively employing Civil 3D in production. The important production change and replacement issues covered and offered by the Data Shortcut Manager (DSM) in this video are essential to you or NOT.

“It’s what you don’t know that kills you.”

I enjoy finding examples and folks who creatively learn to employ the Power of Not to production work in Autodesk Civil 3D. Found a great one this week from someone else. Hoorah!

The following video from Seth Cohen creatively employs to Power of NOT to Civil 3D conditional assemblies as applied to site design solutions and the targeting problem inside Civil 3D corridors. Creative to say the least. This video is well worth the time to watch…


Better Civil 3D Site Design Mechanics

Seth also employs NOT using the entire Civil 3D Intersection Wizard to define the core horizontal and vertical control alignments and profiles for a group of related corridors in this site design. He gets and thoughtfully employs the Power of Names. You do too?

Yes. Seth also judiciously employs the Separation of Powers principals to manage his project-based, Dynamic Model.

This makes all the difference when we must stare once again into the Face of Change.

The Powers to Make Civil 3D Work
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