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The Virtual Autodesk University 2021 event is on-going. AU 2021 is free. There is no registration fee for AU 2021. You might want to take advantage of the horde of live and recorded AU 2021 session educational and training content that is available. The virtues of Zoom and other forms of stream aside, a virtual Autodesk University is not the same as the live in-person events of yesteryear.

Autodesk events are notoriously well produced or over produced depending on your perspective. Autodesk University is a means for Autodesk to message to everyone in their large ecosystem.

Do not expect Autodesk to pull any punches. Is what Autodesk is swinging at these days simple to understand? Hmmm?

The Autodesk University 2021 event is worth your attention. It is a terrific way to gain some useful, practical Civil 3D Land perspective and education delivered to you by others who may actually do the do.
Visits to the AU Online content remains one of my regular training habits.

The Civilized Star of the Show

The just in time release of the Autodesk Civil 3D 2022.1 Update and the companion AEC Collection product Project Explorer 2022.1 Update and the Grading Optimization 2022.2 Update are perhaps the most significant AU 2021 events for the cadpilots out here in Civil 3D Land.

Don’t we all wish all the hoopla about Infrastructure in Washington was as timely and civilized as that?
Don’t hold your breath. I won’t. Smile. We don’t have to.

The good news for existing Framework for Civil 3D customers is our 2022 Framework products appear to run fine in the public build of the Civil 3D 2022.1 Update based on our testing. No surprises there.

Better Civil 3D Upgrades and better Civil 3D Updates for Civil 3D Styles, Civil 3D Templates, and Civil 3D resources is what the Framework for Civil 3D products do for our customers in multiple releases of Civil 3D.

We just released the powerful Point Truncation Label Style AddOns for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020. An upcoming Release 8 of the Framework for Civil 3D 2022.1 build includes these breathless beauties too. Oh yeah. There is certainly more to the newest Framework for Civil 3D 2022.1 build than that.

Forge Into the Future

This AU 2021 we are all called to Forge Into the Future. Whoa. This is long-term Autodesk Forge platform commitment to new and somewhat magical software interoperability and workflows are centered around that happening inside Autodesk’s cloud platforms and technologies. No big new surprise there for us.

Please, don’t get me wrong. At many levels I am overjoyed at the Autodesk Forge effort’s effects on Civil 3D and all the Autodesk products. The product shared Object Models and APIs all get better because of it. I pray that Autodesk will go back and redo some Civil 3D fundamentals.

Forge into the Future sounds great to the stock analysts. Data, interoperability, collaboration, remote work, and block chain validation are important trends and may mean concrete possibilities for future Autodesk growth.

I’m not sure that a collaborative Document Management approach is the cat’s meow for AEC Project Management. The DM is what lots of people do with their computers, so it makes some sense. If that gets us closer to better models and, better yet, managed models of real-world projects, Hoorah.

How well Autodesk delivers on the deeper depths of those future promises in practical ways that meet real world customer needs is where the rubber hits the road. Autodesk admits this is no small task.

The present Autodesk script, “Give us your Project data. We’ll make it better”?

We all ask, “Does that make sense?”

Sometimes it does.

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