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Release 8 of the Framework for Civil 3D 2022.1 contains the largest and most in-depth collection of Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Styles, and mission critical Civil 3D resources available anywhere at any price.

The capability for our Framework for Civil 3D civil engineering and survey customers to visualize, edit, and maintain all of those many Civil 3D resources demands functional and practical examples tied to a viable Civil 3D Project dataset.

Framework for Civil 3D 2021.1 Project Updates

Updated versions of the Framework for Civil 3D 2022.1 Release 8 Update example Sandbox Projects for both of the Framework Release 8 NCS 6.0+ flavors are now available.

Jump Kit 8 2022 and Jump Kit 8 AIA 2022 customers may download the updated NCS 6.0+ and NCS 6.0+ AIA flavors for both the STB and the CTB Sandbox Projects builds from the respective product download pages.

Framework 2021.1 Sandbox Project Updates

There were significant improvements and edits made to drawings, project data, and structures of the supplied Sandbox Projects.

A few dated example drawings were removed and replaced with new drawing content to minimize the Sandbox Project size and maximize usability.

Consistency updates were made to project drawing Layer States, Sheet Set files, and other shared Sandbox Project data.

The ExampleCorridors Drawing

All supplied versions of the standard example drawing (ExampleCorridors.dwg) were updated for both Templates Only and Jump Kit Sandbox Projects.

  • All the Subassemblies in all Assemblies in all versions were updated to support the curremt stock 2019 dll
  • All the Subassemblies were updated to support prefix naming conventions
  • Assemlbies were physically relocated and more logically grouped in the drawing
  • Some Subassembly properties were updated to adjust some potential example Corridor build results for consistent behaviors
  • Reference Template (TREF) versions are now supplied for the Jump Kit Sandbox Projects

Data References and Data Shortcuts

Project Data Shortcuts (DREF) management plays an important role in Civil 3D production use.

Improvements were made to the Projects to clarify typical DREF usage and current Civil 3D production capabilities, practices, and workflows.

  • Updated appropriate publication and working drawing examples to employ Data Reference (DREF) Corridors
  • Updated and fixed the Project Folders XML for example Project Data Shortcuts (DREF) folders
  • Moved most Alignment Data Shortcuts to appropriate Project Folders to reduce Toolspace clutter
  • Moved most Profile Data Shortcuts to appropriate Project Folders to reduce Toolspace clutter
  • All the supplied Data Shortcut XML files were updated to reflect the current Project file property details
  • Added Rail Alignment and Rail Profile sample drawings and project Data Shortcut (DREF) resources

Medians Intersection Examples

Based on popular requests a set of Medians with Left Turn Lanes Intersection example drawings are included.

To make things interesting the Corridor Turn Lane sections were built in Horizontal Curve Alignment and Vertical Curve Profile conditions.

  • Connected Alignments and Profiles are employed to produce the Curb Returns geometries and Corridor Regions.
  • The new supplied Set of Assemblies resources were employed and modified to construct the basics of the Medians Intersection.

Pipe and Pressure Pipe Updates

  • Rebuild and update of the supplied Pipe Network resources
  • Moved Pipe Network Data Shortcuts to appropriate Project Folders
  • Rebuild and update of the supplied Pressure Pipe Network resources
  • All the supplied XML files were updated
  • Removed dated and/or unnecessary files and folders
  • Updated appropriate working examples to employ a Data Reference (DREF) Corridor

Rehab Corridors

  • Suppled new CTB versions of the Rehab Corridor examples
  • Renamed all example files to align with the appropriate Project Alignment names
  • Removed unnecessary Data References and Features from the examples for clarity
  • Removed a previously supplied Rehab Intersection example

Civil 3D Update Assembly Display Issues

  • All Subassemblies in all Assemblies were updated to the current version of the Civil 3D 2019 dll
  • Updated the Subassembly names employed in Sandbox Project's Assemblies to employ predicate based naming conventions to improve Corridor Targeting behaviors and filtering.
  • All Assemblies were updated to Civil 3D default Subassembly Group names and default subassembly names with the new predicates
  • Unnecessary Assemblies were removed from all examples
  • Data Reference (DREF) Corridors are employed where appropriate and to maximize project consistency and functionality.

Civil 3D Subassembly Plan View Resolution

Civil 3D is more particular about resolving Plan view Assemblies in upgraded drawings if upgraded with the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility.

The applied Assemblies all function properly in Corridors and Intersections regardless of this Plan view display resolution issue for Civil 3D subassemblies.

Batch Save upgraded drawings may require attempted Edits of the Assembly's Type property and/or attempted edits to the names of subassemblies to resolve properly in Plan.