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It’s a new day in Civil 3D Land.
Autodesk officially released Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 and the related Autodesk Civil Infrastructure 2023 group of products which include: Project Explorer 2023, Grading Optimization 2023, Geotechnical Modeler 2023, Subassembly Composer 2023, the Infrastructure Parts Editor, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking, Infraworks 2023, and the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS.

The new Civil 3D 2023 notably includes lots of new AutoCAD 2023 and Map3D 2023 graphics and printing performance improvements that may affect to your current project work and workflows.
See the recent AutoCAD 2023 and Map 3D 2023 Arrive and Autodesk Innovyze InfoWorks Products blog posts.

The new Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 and the related 2023 products include the 2022.1 Update improvements. There are also some new 2023 release product enhancements, upgrades, and fixes in addition to the AutoCAD 2023 and Map 3D 2023 Toolset improvements.

Autodesk Civil 3D 2023

Employ the list icon in the viewer to play any of the many videos in the playlist.


The Civil 3D 2023 online Help files are live and the public release videos are available.
See the Autodesk Online Help page.

Autodesk Civil 3D and AEC Collection Subscription customers should be able to download the latest Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 and related Autodesk 2023 Infrastructure products as you read this or very shortly thereafter.

Here are brief summaries and links to the Autodesk What’s New in the 2023 Release pages.

Civil 3D 2023 Release Details

See the What’s New in Civil 3D 2023 page.

The Project Explorer, Grading Optimization, and Subassembly Composer enhancements and improvements are listed separately.

New Corridor Workflows

  • Improved Surface Targeting
  • Improved Target Filtering
  • Added Target By Layer functionality
  • Enhanced Targeting tooltips
  • Corridor solid Property Sets have been enhanced to track subassembly sources

New Rail Workflows

  • US Catalogs and conversion script
  • Turnout Catalog replacement
  • New Cant Information Label

New in Pressure Pipes

  • Follow multiple different Profiles in a Pipe Run
  • By Cut Length interface improvements
  • New Cut Length default Settings
  • Added Search by keyword in the pressure parts drop down list
  • Added the ability to show the Property Set information that has been added to a pressure network or gravity network in plan view in a profile view label
  • Improved unsupported geometry warnings in Pipe Runs

API Enhancements

New in Dynamo for Civil 3D

New in Collaboration for Civil 3D

  • New Sheet Set Manager for the Web support

Civil 3D Performance Enhancements

  • Section views and sample line editing
  • COGO points
  • Event Viewer
  • Viewport performance for Section viewport type
  • AutoCAD graphics system

Project Explorer 2023

See the What’s New in Project Explorer 2023 page.

  • Table Tool Improvements- Custom text summaries or notes- Total Sum rows to AutoCAD tables and reports – Set row heights in AutoCAD tables
  • Total row support in the user interface allows certain quantities to be monitored dynamically as design changes are applied in Civil 3D
  • Compare To functionality - enhanced to allow customers to compare point groups, blocks, and parcels to feature lines

Grading Optimization 2023

See the What’s New in Grading Optimization 2023 page.

  • Optimization View Feasibility and Cut and Fill charting
  • Violation View updates
  • Notification Center detects and displays optimization issues and suggests solutions
  • Save Optimization Result dialog has been updated for workflow clarity

Other miscellaneous improvements

Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

See the Connector for ArcGIS 2023 page.

Geotechnical Modeler 2023

See the Geotechnical Modeler 2023 page.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2023

See the What’s New in Vehicle Tracking 2023 page.

Infraworks 2023

Employ the list icon in the viewer to play any of the many videos in the playlist.


See the What’s New in Infraworks 2023 page.

  • Search for an Infraworks command quickly using Control F
  • Improved Parametric Bridge and Tunnel Components and decorations
  • Added a Check for Updates for bridge and tunnel components
  • Added Model Upgrade and Slices

Subassembly Composer 2023

See the Subassembly Composer 2023 page.

  • Added the ability to create an auxiliary curve object, which is comparable to the existing Auxiliary Line and Auxiliary Point objects.
  • Added an asterisk to the PKT name in the Subassembly Composer to indicate if there are any unsaved changes in a PKT file.

Infrastructure Parts Editor

See the Infrastructure Parts Editor page.

ReCap Pro

See the ReCap Pro page.


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