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The latest and greatest release of the Framework for Civil 3D 2023 will hit the street any day now. We are wrapping up essential, last minute quality control mechanics, winding through the checklists, and building the product packages as we speak. Did you hear the fake news?

A couple of Framework for Civil 3D customers shared with us that they had received recent ads from somewhat dubious competitors offering Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Styles, and Civil 3D resources some with 1/10 the content at 1O times the price of the Framework for Civil 3D.

Hashtag – What a Steal

Some folks out there want to charge potential Civil 3D customers $2500 for a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand Civil 3D Styles in a template or two?

Will they get what they pay for?

There are good reasons the Framework for Civil 3D products remain the most downloaded products in Civil 3D history.

We aim to make Civil 3D production performance affordable to all - so we do.

Templates Only Rocks

Our Templates Only trial products offer 3500+ project-proven Civil 3D Style collections and include both Reference Templates (TREF) and classic Civil 3D Templates will all the production resources to make Civil 3D perform better right out of the box for only $35.00.
You read the price correctly.

It is silly to open Autodesk Civil 3D without a Templates Only.
Make Civil 3D work and work better.

Templates Only is available in a two fully NCS 6.0+ (National CAD Standard) compliant Layer Systems for multiple releases of Civil 3D as well.

Most of our Templates Only customers upgrade to Jump Kit almost immediately.

Jump Kit is the Framework for Civil 3D

Jump Kit is intentionally, affordable, robust, and adaptive. The product is designed and built to deliver a better and more consistent working production environment for multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D.

We support and deliver the power of choice and diversity in Civil 3D.

Jump Kit is the generic US Imperial Toolset for Civil 3D that offers the same functional out-of-the-box InstantOn Desktop Template collections, fully customizable, robust, and adaptive Civil 3D resources, and in-depth Civil 3D Style Library collections for everything we can think of.

The answer to the most frequently asked Jump Kit question…

“It’s In There”

Our most common product complaint…

“The product is way more than we expected.”

The Jump Kit products include over 1250 Style Library Collection resource drawings. Each Jump Kit and Symbol Set Style Library resource drawing contains many Styles. We quit counting Styles years ago.

The only Civil 3D Styles that matter are the Styles that get used.

Framework customers tend to employ more Styles because they can.

The Framework Spreadsheet Tools

The Jump Kit includes powerful Framework Spreadsheet Tools collection which allow our customers to change, maintain, and manage a Civil 3D production environment crafted to their work.

  • Layer Standards Tools – Multiple Layer Standards Tools for Layer Systems and Layer States
  • Civil 3D Codes Tool – Manage thousands of supplied and integrated Survey and Design Codes
  • Description Key Set Tool – Create, maintain, and manage integrated Description Key Sets
  • Figure Db Tool – Create, maintain, and manage integrated Figure Prefix Dbs
  • Subassemblies Codes Tool - Create, maintain, and manage subassembly and PKT resources
  • Survey Query Tool - Create, maintain, and manage Survey queries
  • Linetype Standards Tool – Maintain and manage linetype resources
  • And many more

Customers claim the Framework Spreadsheet Tools alone make a Jump Kit purchase a no brainer.

Register. Become a Member and visit the Documentation and Help for Civil 3D section for in-depth support and details about the Spreadsheet Tools and the Framework for Civil 3D.

Jump Kit Delivers

We guarantee that Style resources built in one Civil 3D release will run in the next Civil 3D release or we fix it. We have delivered on that promise for over a decade.

We deliver new Jump Kit builds for each significant Civil 3D Update – for free.
We create regular and free  AddOn product improvements during every Civil 3D release cycle.
Framework AddOn products typically deliver improvements to multiple Civil 3D releases of the Framework for Civil.
Visit the Release 8 AddOns Details page to see the huge list of AddOns and the AddOn capabilities.

Jump Kit is Affordable

Jump Kit 5-seat licensing costs per Civil 3D release.
Additional licenses are inexpensive.
Could we charge more for Jump Kit? Sure.
But then we wouldn’t have so many happy Framework customers.

“We already have good Civil 3D Templates.”

Of course, you do. We all need to get our civil engineering and survey project work out the door.
Many Framework customers employ the Jump Kit’s many resources to make their existing templates better. That’s what a better Toolset for Civil 3D t is there for.

Framework for Civil 3D Services

People do ask.
Do you offer subscription for the Framework for Civil 3D?
Framework Subscription and Services are not available for purchase on the website.
Framework Subscription and Services may include mentored customization and Civil 3D support at a reasonable monthly rate.
Call 800-584-1506 or email us at sales@cadpilot.com.

The Framework for Civil 3D 2023 Preview

Visit the brand-new Release 8 Details page to get the detailed written preview of the Framework for Civil 3D 2023.

Do Your Civil 3D Templates Do That?


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