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Did you notice? The very merry month of June was a busy month for Autodesk updates in Civil 3D Land. There were at least a full dozen Autodesk product updates, enhancements, and hotfixes released for Autodesk Civil 3D and the related AEC Collection products. Some of these babies matter to you. Some may not.

We might guess this earlier June update push is by all the Autodesk development teams is somehow related to the moved up and relocated Autodesk University 2022 event. We’d probably be right.

Welcome to The Big Easy.

Autodesk University 2022

AU 2022 is scheduled for Sept 27-29 in New Orleans, LA. AU 2022 will be held downtown at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

AU 2022 signups begin real soon now on July 12. AU 2022 Digital signups are free.

Sounds like a party - Albeit proabably a hot and sweaty one. This is NOLA in September after all.

Speaking of big and easy…

Framework Updates

All good frameworks that manage to hang around (like AutoCAD) evolve and improve. And you thought AutoCAD was a CAD program?

Over the July 4th weekend I managed to upgrade the cadpilot website to the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. You might notice that the rendered cadpilot website mostly and intentionally stays the same and changes only a little bit.

Funny. The Bootstrap frontend is responsive and optimized for mobile phones. 90%+ cadpilot visitors employ computers and browsers. The exception - the mobile Civil 3D how to video junkies. Me too.

Published Plan Set

Here’s a thought…

We could consider the cadpilot website a published plan set for a large project – A multiple discipline construction project where the scope spans more than a decade of work.
Where’s the sanity in that?

The website is not here to earn website design awards. No fancy web marketing driven landing pages with lots of pretty image eye candy here. Sorry. No cute animal videos. What clickbait there is goes somewhere that offers something that Civil 3D users may find useful.

Cadpilot.com is here to help the folks in Civil 3D Land learn, manage, maintain, and customize Autodesk Civil 3D. There’s a lot of expert nuance involved in that. Thank God, all that expertise is not mine.
If the site  is overwhelming, that is probably because Civil 3D itself is overwhelming.

The Bootstrap framework is over a decade old. That could make the big BS a fossil in the Internet world. Not in this case. Bootstrap is perhaps not as trendy as it once was. Bootstrap is a continuously developed product with a large customer base. Why? It works.

Managed Upgrades and Updates

Every upgrade or update process is something that must be managed. The work requires that we ritually and regularly invest time, energy, and learning into that specific work to be successful within the process.

The simple math means I have updated the published detail of the website at least 20 times. Maybe less maybe more. Lord knows, I do not want to count Autodesk Civil 3D Updates.

The Bootstrap frontend web framework is robust, consistent, and adaptive.
Now where have you heard that before?

The principals of frameworks apply.

There is Only So Much Time in the Day

Frankly, I typically schedule and perform major website updates a couple of times a year. I always attempt to remain current on security and other platform fixes in between. I try to avoid performing major site updates during periods where Autodesk historically releases new versions of their products for obvious reasons. So much for the plans of mice and men this year. Oh bother.

The time constraints, skill and practice, and the ever-evolving technical mumbo jumbo always resolve into the all-too-common engineering challenge:

An attempt to change and update everything all at once is neither efficient nor effective.

We must successfully iteratively upgrade AND somehow focus our attention on what matters.


The Framework for Civil 3D is exactly like the Bootstrap frontend for pretty much the same competitive reasons. We worry about the Civil 3D silliness, so you don’t have to. You can focus on only what matters most to you and your clients.

The framework approach to Civil 3D Style creation, Style maintenance, and Civil 3D resource management makes sense...

The Power to Make Civil 3D Work
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