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The cadpilot website is one of the longest running, deepest, and largest technical sites on the web dedicated to all things Autodesk Civil 3D and associated AEC Collection products. If you work in Civil 3D Land, odds are you’ve probably paid us a visit.
Lots of folks do enjoy a flavor of the Framework for Civil 3D.

You may regularly read this blog. You might partake of the many curated and free training videos collected and published here . You may be a website Member. Hoorah! Thank you for visiting. We do appreciate your valuable time and attention.

Things Must Change and Stay the Same

This summer we hope you noticed the site is undergoing a host of improvements and interface adjustments. There  are bigger updates at work behind the scenes. The website improvement work remains an on-going project. We appreciate your patience if a page gets wonky on occasion.

Yeah. We somehow managed to accidentally turn off the navigation to the Members section for a day last week. Dooh. Sorry about that.

This is a bit like dropping a key Alignment or target Surface DREF in a complex Multiple Baseline Corridor that is DREFed into a bunch of project publication drawings.
What the…
Dave, what did you do to our project?”

You know the drill.

We must ask, “Is this content still relevant?”

Better yet – “Does this content apply?”

Remembered Civil 3D Treasures

The website content and Autodesk Civil 3D change all the time, but many Civil 3D daily production challenges remain the same.

Lest we forget. The latest and greatest Autodesk marketed Civil 3D features and benefits may not help us get our real project work done today.
On the other hand, the tool we think we will never use can make our day.
See the recent Civil 3D Reference Replacement and Tools post and video.

Here’s another small case that makes a point.

"Can Civil 3D track changes and differences in our surface models?"
Tin Volume Surfaces and the right Civil 3D Surface Styles do the quality control and quality assurance job quickly and easily.


Civil 3D Surface Compare

The video artfully demonstrates how the improved QAQC Civil 3D Styles available in the Framework for Civil 3D products can help us produce better production Surfaces. It is a terrific example of the old and new content quandary. Must we recreate this video in Civil 3D 2023? Hmmm?

When we believe the demonstrated applied Civil 3D Style processes only apply to the QAQC of existing Surface models, we perhaps miss the most important point.

This is but one short video from the always useful collection…

Civil 3D Survey at Jump Speed

It is way too easy to miss the fact that Civil 3D Survey functionality really does apply to many Civil Design production challenges. This public page collection of posts and videos does make the point. Eheh.
Some links on the page may require that you login.

We have a Members section for a host of reasons.
Yes. Access to Members is currently free. Silly Me.
No email spam is involved either.

Why Members?
There is no reason to overwhelm occasional visitors with help, training, and/or documents that have no bearing on their current issues or the challenges of Autodesk Civil 3D or the many related Autodesk AEC Collection products.

Our huge Members section attempts to help us all connect the many Civil 3D and Framework for Civil 3D dots.

Lord knows, there are lots of dots and many connections.

Register and Become a Cadpilot Member

Folks tell us all the time that the Documentation and Help section of the Members section is useful and helpful to their personal and corporate productivity.

Here’s a short list of our most popular and visited Members sections:

The User Rules for Civil 3D

The Style Maintenance Handbook

Civil 3D Alignments – aka The Book of Alignments

Projects in Civil 3D

Implement Civil 3D

A Members visit is worth more than words.

You’ll probably notice that the cadpilot site does tend to focus of the management and maintenance side of Civil 3D production use.

We do not avoid the other most important stuff.

Civil Training on the Web

We do curate a one-of-a kind, huge collection of available public videos that cover classic Autodesk Civil how tos and basic to advanced Civil 3D mechanics from all the best civil content producers.

Video Training

We produce and maintain a separate collection of public videos which employ the Framework for Civil 3D products and resources to demonstrate advanced Civil 3D topics, mechanics, and workflows.

Needless to say, we believe the Framework for Civil products are themselves a vital and productive resource for everyone’s Civil 3D productivity.

Templates Only

The essential Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Styles, and Civil 3D resources to make Civil 3D work in a production environment. 3500+ project-proven production Styles in multiple forms of Civil 3D Templates for a price that anyone can afford. What’s not to like about that?

Jump Kit

The Framework for Civil 3D with all the customization tools and resources to build, manage, and maintain a fully or partially customized Civil 3D production environment. Yes. It’s in there.

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