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This has been an interesting and very painful week in Internet Hell for the cadpilot site. We apologize. We had a series of website problems all week due to bad site DNS data being published by a not-to-be named Internet tech companies. Lucky me to be mashed between two on-coming semis playing technical policy chicken on a two-lane highway on a Saturday night.

This sort of stuff happens to me. It certainly happens to you in Civil 3D Land.

You know the drill.

Let’s Play the Blame Game

The tech support staff of vendors rarely admits to their own problems and points the finger at any other vendor involved. It’s a trite meme.

Logic and reason tend disappear in the face of the hubris of official tech policy.

After some long-winded and/or multiple email chain bashing, the people will hopefully actually do something.

Sadly, it often takes hours of our time to find and identify a real person out there in the wild who can actually fix the problem instead of spouting the corporate line of perpetual perfection.

We want to forget the only 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

The mission critical real skill is to learn how to find those people. Eheh.

The Theater of the Absurd

I had a couple of vendor support folks hang up on me when confronted with the fact and logic that their corporate servers were publishing demonstrably incorrect data. “We don’t do that!” Bzzzz. Denial is a fearful thing.

Funny. They asked me fill out a survey.

Sadly, our website problems required a supervisor of a supervisor to admit to and solve the problem not once but twice. Ok. The second time it was a bit easier. Arrrgh. Bye bye to that vendor.

Service with a Pained Smile

Then they are the other wonderful tech support folks who gladly help you identify the real problem(s) and the strive to help and enable us creatively solve the problem(s).

These folks take responsibility to do the work and keep us informed.

Our world doesn’t work without them.

A hearty shout out to the folks at Modx Cloud who host our website. They saved our bacon.

I only wish they could have saved some of my hair and a whole bunch of time better spent helping folks in Civil 3D Land.

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