The InfraWorks 2023.1 Update Arrives

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Autodesk simultaneously released the Civil 3D 2023.2 Update, the Project Explorer 2023.2 Update, and an InfraWorks 2023.1 Update this week. Are these connected? The InfraWorks 2023.1 Update is a totally new install as is normal for the product. Hope we can all manage to keep the Autodesk “A’s” and “O’s” straight here. There are now distinct Autodesk InfraWorks and InfroWorks products after all.

Autodesk InfraWorks 2023.1 Update

The InfraWorks 2023.1 Update is a major upgrade to InfraWorks Civil Structures and Revit and Infraworks Bridge and Tunnel interoperability.

If our Civil 3D roadway project involves bridges, the InfraWorks 2023.1 Update may really matter to you. Here’s how…


What’s New in InfraWorks 2023.1

Now that’s pregnant with possibilities. Is someone in a Family way here? Maybe its twins? Eheh.

Don’t miss it. There is a new Inventor Infrastructure Modeler Plugin for 2023.1 available to help support the new Civil Structures data integrations.

There is a requisite and complementary Revit InfraWorks Updater 2023.1 plugin available.

InfraWorks is Better…

Civil Structures Clipping

  • New geometry clipping tools to better visualize and design civil structures

Revit Families as InfraWorks Content

  • Employ Revit Families for parametric bridge and tunnel component parts

Revit Category Mapping

  • Revit Category data can now be added to parametric bridge and tunnel component parts created in Inventor

Bridges and Tunnels

  • Revit created files will now be saved to the user AppData directory instead of the ProgramData directory.
  • Editing and updating Inventor 3D parts in InfraWorks no longer requires a manual screen refresh to view changes.
  • Added a file name path length check to the Publish Civil Structures command. If any intermediate file names generated through this command, including their paths, exceeds 245 characters, the civil structure will not export correctly, and a message will be displayed in the Message Log.


  • When running a simulation, we no longer need to select the road again after starting the simulation.
  • When stopping a simulation, we no longer need to select the road again to view the updated simulation list.


  • Bing map raster data sources now report copyright information in the data source description.
  • Autodesk no longer charges for the usage of InfraWorks Watershed Analysis and Optimization.

See the What's New in InfraWorks 2023.1 Update page.

InfraWorks 2023.1 Fixed Issues

Bridges and Tunnels

  • Fixed an issue in which a model showed uncommitted changes after using the Publish Civil Structure command.
  • Fixed an issue in which exporting parts using the Infrastructure Modeler extension would not display their Inventor parameters.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Check for Updates command did not work correctly on parametric decorations.
  • Fixed an issue in which the steel I-girder beams would not update with changes from Structural Bridge Design.
  • Fixed an issue in which rotation angle was not correct for generic objects when imported into Revit.
  • Fixed an issue in which a structure section slice stopped highlighting after changing a dimension.

Component Roads

  • Fixed an issue in which road profile views and cross section views could not be opened properly.

Coordinate Systems

  • Fixed an issue in which sun and sky positioning and lighting was not correct.


  • Fixed an issue in which after synchronizing a model, common resources would show as changed even though the model had not changed.
  • Fixed an issue in which multiple proposals would show changes during synchronization, though changes were made in only one proposal.


  • Fixed an issue in which with MiniToolBar did not display when a cylinder was selected

Traffic Simulation

  • Fixed an issue in which the Traffic simulation Queue and AVG Delay information did not display.


  • Improved stability while interactively placing a model

See the InfraWorks 2023.1 Update Fixes page.

See the What's New in Autodesk InfraWorks page for previous InfraWorks 2023 updates features.

Final Info Words

Does an Aworks + Oworks congress - sooner rather than later - make sense to you?

What do I know?

Note to the Civil 3D team – Please. Get the Civil 3D Property Set to Civil 3D Object Model data behind issues fixed ASAP. Half-baked never cut it. Give me an “A”. Give me an “O”.
What more can I say?
A tasteless and obscure pro Forma pun on this platform whistles buy like a 9mm round at a justice warrior circular shoot out.

Please forgive the data geek soapbox shout out.

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