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This time of year those of us who customize Civil 3D are head down and hard at work with the latest release of Autodesk Civil 3D 2024. If we keep up with the normal Civil 3D Update parade and maintenance, our Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Style libraries, and Civil 3D resources will only need minor improvements. OK. Maybe we want to do more this year.

People Do Ask

A new Framework for Civil 3D 2024 is in the works.
The good news for our customers is that our existing Framework for Civil 3D 2023 product resources run great in Civil 3D 2024.
More about the new Framework for Civil 3D Jump Kit 2024 and Templates Only for 2024 products in future and upcoming posts.

Folks in Civil 3D Land recently asked about the new AutoCAD Activity Insights interface, setup, and functionality. The improved Markup Assist tools in AutoCAD 2024 also seem to come up pretty frequently.

AutoCAD Activity Insights and Markup Assist

I am happy to opine. These tools deserved a video, but I discovered a recorded webinar this week that bailed me out from that talk to the wall work at the last minute.
Sometimes the good get lucky.


AutoCAD 2024 New Features for Civil

Ryan Wunderlich, a Technical Specialist from IMAGINiT, reviews many new and improved AutoCAD 2024 features from a civil perspective in a Q&A webinar. Ryan tells it, and perhaps says it better, than I.

There is lots of substantive Q&A in this webinar. Ryan probably answers most Activity Insights questions. All the pertinent technical details are covered in there too. Hoorah.

Activity Insights

I believe most of us who employ Civil 3D will want a project-based folder to track our AutoCAD generated Insights. Unless we have small project teams taking an organization wide approach seems to be pretty unwieldy and is more likely to be more trouble that Insights is worth.

Downstream who messed with our DREFs would be really useful to track. Don't ya think?

If Wishes Were Horses

Seems to me that the AutoCAD team and the Civil 3D development team might want to finally get together and build a competent method to deal with projects (or not) in the AutoCAD Profile and registry environment.

This might end a significant number of IT and CAD Manager headaches. Don’t hold your breath.

The current Profile solution seems a bit antithetical to both.
The Autodesk Cloud environments pretty much demand this wish list item too.
What do I know?

Markup Assist

Markup Assist’s new and improved PDF interactions are pretty nifty and nice. Some of the “machine learning” appears to be still functionally contrived at this point.

Many other folks and I frankly cannot believe that Autodesk chooses to ignore their own fully capable DWF vector-based markups.
Can we all shout, “Dumb and Dumber?”

OK. Maybe the original and aged Microsoft ISVs, Adobe and Autodesk, are trying to come to some sort of mutually beneficial accommodation after all the many years of pi##ing contests.
I doubt it, but we never know.

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