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If we employ an AutoCAD based product, our Layer Standards become an issue. OK. Even if we only work on projects with folks who employ an AutoCAD-based product, Layer Standards become an issue.

Why? In Civil 3D Land we all get paid to publish plan sets of civil engineering design and survey projects. It is what we do. Consistent AutoCAD publication depends in part on Layer Standards.

Layer Standards Dreams

Don’t we all wish we had a dollar for every hour spent in innumerable Layer Standards meetings? What about some extra payments for those raucous Layer and publication fights, debates, and fiascos. Maybe a shout out for our Layer Standards triumphs?
We are CAD standards folks. We know the drill.

Layer Standards and the NCS

We love the NCS. We love to hate the National CAD Standard (NCS).
Perhaps we have less basic information modelling to fight about these days? Eheh.


The Framework for Civil 3D Miracle

Maybe we can at least agree on the Keys in our Layer Standard? Just sayin’.
See the NCS 6 Layers Q and A and Civil 3D post , a great video, and links to other NCS related posts.

The Framework and the NCS

The Framework for Civil 3D is notable and perhaps even famous for the product’s native support for multiple variations of the National CAD Standard (NCS) Layer Standards. These include the current NCS 6.0 and NCS 6.0 AIA variants.


Framework for Civil 3D Layer Standards Preview

These common NCS Layer Standard variants are variously required for GSA, DOD, and US Army Corps project submittals.
Is the Framework NCS dependent? No.
See the Civil 3D and Layer Standard Conversion post for more about that.

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Managed System for Autodesk Civil 3D. Jump Kit allows us to customize, manage, and maintain the many integrated parts and Standards for Civil 3D.
See the InstantOn Layer Standards page for more Layer Standards videos and details.

The States of Adoption and Adaption

Our Adoption and our Adaption of Layer Standards have current States of Implementation. The differences between these two matters.
We must adopt standards to get work out the door.
Those standards must be adaptive or the types of project work we do and the clients we serve are constrained.


Civil 3D Layer Standards Tools and Mechanics

The thornier issues behind the challenges to production and publication Civil 3D Standards are about people and our habitual behaviors.

It is easy to blame our Standards problems on the ever-changing software.
See the Civil 3D Changes and Remains the Same post.

We have new Framework for Civil 3D Layer Standards improvements to announce and deliver.
Soon  we will deliver a new and improve Framework for Civil 3D 2024.

The Framework supports multiple Releases of Civil 3D.
We don’t leave our customers behind.

We continue to improve our Jump Kit products for those releases.

NCS 6 Layer Standards Update AddOns

The NCS 6 Layer Standards Update AddOns for Civil 3D 2023 and Civil 3D 2024 are now available to Jump Kit Release 8 product customers for download from the respective download pages on the website.

The new and updated NCS 6+ and NCS 6+ AIA Layer Standards resources will also be supplied in the upcoming release of Jump Kit Release 8 for Civil 3D 2024 product.

The new NCS 6 Layer Standards resources are not included in Templates Only products.

To purchase the NCS 6+ and NCS 6+ AIA Layer Standards resources separately -
Send an email to
The included Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools do support the creation, management, and maintenance of any Layer Standard based on any Key-based system. Customization may be required.


Framework Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools

The Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool output may also be employed with other Civil 3D third party software that supports the use of CSV, XML, or Microsoft Excel based layer content.

NCS 6 Layer Standards Update AddOns

The NCS 6 Layer Standards Update AddOns replace previously supplied NCS 6+ and NCS 6+ AIA Framework for Civil 3D Release 8 Layer Standards resources. These include Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools, drawings file, Standards file, and script  file resources for both STB and CTB.

All Layer Standards Updates may be employed in all Release 8 versions for Civil 3D versions 2024-2021.

Layer Standards resource drawings (.dwg), Layer Standard (.dws), and script (.scr) files are supplied.

All the updated Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools file names updated to end in 2024 where appropriate.

Layer Standards updates for NCS 6.0+ and NCS AIA 6.0+ to improved Rail and Grading Optimization integration are included. New Sheets were added to the Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools to manage the new Layer Standards resources.

The supplied Layer Standards resources allow the Layers and Layer States to be easily added to templates and/or production drawings.

Added Keys for Rail and Grading Optimization

The following new NCS 6 Keys were added to support Civil 3D Rail and Grading Optimization.

  • BALL - Ballast
  • BEND - Bend
  • SLEP - Sleeper

New Layer States for Rail and Grading Optimization

New Release 8 NCS 6 and NCS AIA Layer States for both STB and CTB were added to support Civil 3D Rail and Grading Optimization.

  • GO is employed as a name prefix for Grading Optimization Layer States to act as a subset
  • Rail is employed as a name prefix for Rail Layer States to act as a subset

The new NCS 6+ Layers and Layer States are not employed in supplied Framework for Civil 3D Template resources for consistency.

Framework NCS Layer Standards Documentation

All the website Layer Standards on line help pages are updated to reflect changes, improvements, and additions provided in the new NCS 6+ and NCS 6+ AIA Layer Standards for STB and CTB.

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