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Here in Civil 3D Land, we strive to deliver more production benefits for our Framework for Civil 3D customers. We also continue to make significant improvements to our Jump Kit for Civil 3D products for the older releases of Autodesk Civil 3D. We don’t charge our Junp Kit customers extra for those significant improvements either.

The Framework for Civil 3D is the most affordable solution to the many create, edit, and maintain challenges handed to us all by Autodesk Civil 3D.

For example: the latest, new Jump Kit Release 8 for Civil 3D 2024 product includes many improved and updated Rail System Styles, Label Styles, and Set collection resources.

If you chose to employ Civil 3D 2023 or even Civil 3D 2022 in production, you might benefit from improvements to this in-depth Rail Systems Style support.
We can fix that.

Framework for Civil 3D Rail Update AddOns

The Rail Update AddOns for Jump Kit Release 8 Civil 3D 2023 and Jump Kit Release 8 Civil 3D 2022 are now available to customers for download from the respective download pages on the website.

The Rail Update AddOn is a major replacement update of all the Civil 3D Style, Label Style, and Label Set collection resources for Rail Systems for Civil 3D 2023 and Civil 3D 2022 Jump Kit Release 8 products.

The Rail System Update replaces all previously supplied Civil 3D Alignments, Profiles, Cant Views, and Rail Turnouts style collection resources for Rail Systems.

The new Civil 3D Rail System Style resource collections support the recently released NCS 6 Layer Standards Update AddOns.

Added and Updated Rail Styles Support

Style collections include improvements to each of the Civil 3D Feature Style collections listed below.
Label Style collections include new and updated Proposed (Pr), Existing (Ex), +NOPLOT, and +INVISIBLE resources in a variety of Label Style detailed configurations for each of the Civil 3D Features listed below.


  • Additions and updates to all Rail Alignments Style and Label Style resource collections


  • Additions and updates to all Rail Profiles Style and Label Style resource collections

Cant Views

  • Additions and updates to all Cant Views Style and Label Style resource collections

Rail Turnouts

  • New Rail Turnouts Styles resource collection
  • New Plan and Profile Rail Turnout Label Styles and Sets resource collections that include and support all Turnout and Turnout Critical Point details

All Added and/or Updated Style and Label Styles conform to published Framework Style naming conventions and contain relevant Feature content details.

Parent Label Style prototypes may be supplied without detailed child Label Styles where appropriate.

All the Style collection resources drawings conform to the typical Jump Kit Release 8 2023 and Jump Kit Release 8 2022 folder and drawing naming order conventions.

The Answer to the Most Frequently Asked Jump Kit Questions

“It’s in there.”


Civil 3D Standards Maintenance in the Framework

The new Rail resources are not included in our Templates Only trial products.

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