Release 5 Details

Release 5 specific detailed changes for Civil 3D 2015

Framework for Civil 3D Release 5 Details

Release 5 2015 Detailed Changes and Updates

*Most categories reflect the 2014 and 2013 Release 5 detailed changes listed here.

Standard Keys

Provided in-depth documentation for the Standard Keys employed in Layer Name, Block/Symbol, and other shared conventions

Updated Layer Standards tools to current Standard Keys

Updates to Standard Codes lists

Example Drawing and Project

Added an Example Corridors drawing that demonstrates capabilities of Corridors and Style resources.
Includes corridor points via Section Label Styles in Section Views along with the typical Code Set Style variation

Added additional Survey examples to the dataset covering:
1) in-depth site dataset in FBK
2) complex roadway corridor dataset in FBK

Added DWF based Site and other publishing example DWFs

Added InfraWorks 2015 example exports where appropriate

Updated all LandXML resources

Blocks and Symbol Set

Addition of Erosion Control symbols

  • Added EROS symbols cover 90%+ of observed symbols in use
  • Added more generic EROS symbols and libraries for multiple US State jurisdictions

Reorganized Symbol Set Library to contain a separate EROS folder

Added more UTIL symbols both generic and specific

Updated all Symbol Set drawings

Updated all supplied Symbol Set tools and Scripts

NCS 4.0/5.0 Linetype Resources

Supplied Linetype drawing examples of all NCS 5.0 and NCS 4.0 linetypes.

Minor fixes

Text Styles

No changes

Style Additions, Fixes and Cleanups

Occasional small details and property inconsistencies fixed or cleaned up in Styles and Label Styles. (not all fixes are listed here)

Section Label Styles updated with corridor points Label Styles
(Supplied Styles DO NOT support extension point attachments to Section View Top and/or Bottom)

Assembly Sets and Resources

2015 subassembly tools employ 2014 &2013 subassembly code

Updated Assemblies

Default Assembly Sets updated

No Assembly Sets added

Updated Tool Catalog

Symbol Set(s)

See Blocks and Symbol Set above

Feature Styles Resource Folders

Revised the Product folder structure to supply Style and Set collection resource files in a standardized way across all Jump Production Solution products.

The Feature Styles Resource folder now contains all collections.

Instant On Basic now includes By Feature resource drawings for all included Styles and Sets.

Instant On Survey now includes By Feature resource drawings for all included Styles and Sets.

Jump Kit now includes By Feature and By Task resource drawings for InstantOn products and the entire Jump Kit collection.

Symbol Sets folder relocated to the Resources Styles folder.

Base Blocks and Base Drawings folders were relocated and renamed to the Feature Styles Resources folder conventions.

Jump Kit by Feature Drawings

Update of supplied InstantOn product Style collections

Update of supplied Jump Kit’s Style library collection.

Added stock assemblies Code Set Style drawings that include examples of all stock subassemblies

Added Feature Line and Figure Style drawings with examples of all Feature Lines and Figure Styles

Added New Scripts for template construction and updates of prior release drawing and maintenance


Legends and Lists - Tools, Styles and process to generate symbol legends, abbreviation lists, etc. See video and blog post for details

Topo Grids - Tools, Styles, and process to create grids of any type in plan. See video and blog post for details