Release 6 Details

Release 6 specific detailed changes for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016-14

Framework for Civil 3D Release 6 Details

Release 6 Detailed Changes and Updates

Last Update 12/2015

Release 6 changes affect all Production Solution products delivered for:

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

Release 5 detailed changes listed here.

2014 and 2013 Release 5 detailed changes listed here.

Release 6 Changes

Release 6 is a major refinement to Release 5 and includes subtle fixes and changes throughout the Production Solution resources.
For the most part Release 5 resources will for the most part function in Release 6 with Layer Standards caveats.


The Fast Way to Better CAD Standards

The Production Solution Release 6 upgrade is focus on producing better AutoCAD Civil 3D Style tools; more in-depth coverage for common infrastructure systems; unsurpassed customization detail combined with ease of use; and more rapid production of AutoCAD Civil 3D Plan and Profile related data.

Release 6 demonstrably produces better output to other CAD and GIS applications which in-turn supports better interoperability standards in organizations of any size. If you are a governmental organization you can deploy, implement, and employ Release 6 products in less time with less integration and customization work required. Any customizations you must make are now easier to do and much easier to maintain.

Implementation of new color, lineweight, and plotstyle Layer properties generated by spreadsheet formulas based on our Open NCS Standard Key tables and our easy to learn and use last-digit color Rules.

If you are upgrading, many Release 5 colors, lineweights, and plotstyles remain the same. There are fewer changes between black and white background color schemes. There is a lot more consistency, predictability, and ease of use for users in the improved Layer Standards system.

Standard Key Layer properties are easier to customize from the Standard Keys table in the spreadsheet. Layer State Scripts are easy to generate to update existing templates, project work, and new templates.

Standard Keys Table includes Precedence properties to compute resolved properties based on Preferences. Customizers can easily tune Layer Properties based on the importance of Keys included in the Layer Name.
For example: By default Major Key will produce a set of standard properties but in the case of a specific Minor Key override (for example: –PATT) will systematically modify the resolved Layer Properties.

Standard Keys

The major benefits of better and more detailed Standard Keys are the abilities to produce and maintain project work in a wider variety of NCS variants and/or entirely different Layer schemes. Change the values in a couple of tables and you can modify a Production Solution product to quickly produce work and output in different Layer scheme with detailed control of all the layer property mechanics and necessary user support tools – aka Layer States etc.

Added the Standard Keys table to maintenance and customization spreadsheet.

Added a Key Assignment Translator to the spreadsheet
The TRANS table allows changes from one set of Keys to another set of Keys to be easily automated. (e.g. ALIN to ALGN)

Updates to the public open Standard Civil Standard Keys list
Added additional infrastructure keys for typical county, township, and municipal jurisdiction.
(e.g. Street light power systems, recycled water, and multiple variations of communication systems)

Templates Summary

The new Layer Standards and the listed in detail changes here are reflected in all the supplied Production Solution product resources.

Drawing Templates

Default sizing of Points Styles left intentionally @ (0.2) twice normal. This helps identify new Point Styles added from the Symbol Set to templates. Points Styles should be edited to size per customer requirements.

Existing textstyle set back to 11 degree oblique of Arial font.

See below for Layer and Style changes

Layer and Textstyle Standards (dws)

Updated Layer Standards and included Layer States for both black and white backgrounds in Design and Survey forms

A new Layer Standard for City resources and respective included Layer States for both black and white backgrounds in Design and Survey forms

Revised AutoCAD Scripts for existing templates and project drawing updates

Update to the Layer Standards tool to add fast Layer properties customization by Key systems including the NCS. (see the Production Solution Spreadsheet Tools documentation.

Sheet Templates

New versions of examples of both Vertical and Horizontal titleblocks

Sheet Set Template

Updated for the above

Project Template

Updated for the above


The new core or default Layer scheme is easier to employ in production.
The scheme is both in detail and in general more NCS 4.0/5.0+complaint.
The layer list will easily produce functional Layer Key filtering.
The layer scheme better addresses software conversions and GIS standards implementations while preserving the important survey and civil design capabilities of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Rename of Layers to conform to published Layer Key changes from NCS 4.0 specification to NCS 5.0 specifications

Corrections to Layer property inconsistencies in previous releases
All Layer properties generated automatically from the Keys Table and spreadsheet

All Layers comply with the NCS compliant 3 (three) Key Group pattern
<Discipline>-<Major Key>-<Minor Key>-<Minor Key>-<Status or Phase>
No fourth Keys are employed. The fourth Key is reserved for Status or Phase (e.g. C-UTSS-MHOL-LABL-1)

All Civil 3D View Feature Layers employ VIEW as the Major Key.
All the output to Profile Views, Section Views, Superelevation Views, Mass Views, and Cant Views is predictable, consistent, and far easier to filter and modify in daily production use.

Rename, Delete, Update and Add Scripts supplied for drawing and project upgrades
See Documentation folder for template and project drawing upgrade instructions

  • Add Scripts for Erosion control
  • Add Scripts for typical Site Structures
  • Add Scripts for typical Boundaries
  • Add Scripts for Parcels

Added Layers for design support for Landscape utilities

Added Layer for design and survey support for Erosion control

NODE, TEXT, DIMS, DTLS, NOTE, LCTN, LOGO, moved to final Key Group position to comply with PATT, FRAM and GRAT conventions. Simplify annotative layer identification.

Implemented final Status or Phase Key position compliance with NCS 5.0 Standard
All layer names include ONLY a Discipline Key and three Keys

  • No default Layers are produced that employvStatus or Phase Keys
  • Customization spreadsheet will produce Status or Phase Keys
  • Standard Key Table includes Status and Phase Keys

Release 6 NCS 5.0+ Layer Key significant changes:

  • Major Key ALIN changed to ALGN
  • CONT employed as Major Key for Surface Contour display
  • VIEW is the Major Key employed for all Layers used by Civil 3D View Features (Release 5)
  • Viewer grids employ new Keys
    GMJR, GMNR, and GEOM keys for Profiles and Section Grid components
    A standard GRID key may be still be employed to produce Grids with identical properties
  • TOPO is employed as the default final Key for sampled surfaces output in Viewers
  • STAN key is deprecated for use in Profile and Section Labels
    SMJR, SMNR, and SGEO keys for Profiles and Sections
  • LTOF and RTOF keys are deprecated for OFLT and OFTR keys
  • Added PAVE, SWLK, EROS as a Major Keys
  • Added REFR Key (External References) and Layers to core scheme
  • Added UTCA, UTFB, and UTRW utilities to the core scheme
    Added support for additional utilities in Easements, Profiles, Sections, etc.
  • COND key replaces the PIPE key in the appropriate utilities
    Added MAIN and LATR keys in the appropriate utilities
  • NODE typically not employed as a Major Key and moved to final Key Position
    Removed most NODE layers from the core Layer list


Layer Properties

All layer properties in Release 6 layer are automatically generated and maintained from a single Standard Key Table in the Layer Standards spreadsheet.

The supplied support Layers spreadsheet produces core script code for layer property customization and updates to Layer scheme and supplied basic Layer States.

Layer Descriptions

In Release 6 layer descriptions are automatically generated and maintained from a single Standard Key Table. The supplied support Layers spreadsheet produces core script code for customization and updates to Layer scheme and supplied basic Layer States.

Customizable in the Standard Key Table in the spreadsheet

Updated Layer Descriptions to Standard Key Table

Used “|” bar character separator instead of commas for better readability in Descriptions. This can be easily changed.

City Standards

  • Add Scripts for typical county, township, parish, and municipal utilities
    For example: traffic signaling, street lighting, more forms of communication and/or power systems, and secondary utilities systems- recycled water.
  • Add Scripts for typical county, township, parish, and municipal structures and features
    For example: medians, complex curbs, bridges, parking, etc.
  • Add Scripts for in-depth BNDY support and Layer detail
  • Add new LayerStandardsCity dwg and dws support
    These include a new City Standard Set of Layer States.


Example Drawings and Projects

All project drawings, databases, and resource files updated to Release 6.

Updated the Example Corridor drawing for Templates Only

All example Pipe Networks now supplied as Data Shortcuts.

Updated the project Sheet Set and all example Sheet drawings

Additional example site surveys provided for a typical park with ball field and a complex new winding residential road. New examples are geolocated with the example project. Survey Dbs and raw data files are supplied.

Customization Tools and Documentation

Updates to the Layer Standards generation spreadsheet (see Layer Standards above)

Updates to the supplied Standard Codes and Description Key set generator spreadsheet for InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit

Major updates to supplied product documentation in both depth of coverage and detail

Description Key Sets

All Description Key Sets updated to the Layer Standards for Release 6

  • All Layer assignments upgraded to Release 6 Layer Standards
    Release 5 Description Key will work but will require manual Layer assignment
    via the AutoCAD Standards checker
  • Basic descriptions updated to Release 6 Survey Codes (see Survey Codes below)
    Added multipline line label from points support.
  • Added a few missing important codes to InstantOn Basic per customer requests
  • Added new Keys for cabinets, pullboxes, etc. (see Survey Codes below)
  • Added single digit line code Description Key Sets to InstantOn Basic per customer requests
  • Updated double digit line code Description Key Sets
  • Updated pavement words Description Key Sets
  • Updated Corridor output and abbreviation translation Description Key Sets
  • Updated Quality Assurance Description Key Sets
  • Updated Tree Survey Description Key Sets
  • Complete rebuild of all supplied Description Key Sets and supplied resource files and documentation

Added new Description Key Set resources for InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit.
Includes sized vaults and additional ROOT CODES collections for relevant utilities including City Standard ones.

Description Key Set documentation and spreadsheet tools updated for Release 6
See the on-line documentation available from the Members page. Requires site membership and login to access.

Summary List of Description Key changes listed in Survey Codes below

Description Key Set Tools usage documentation available on the website

Survey Codes

The integrated Survey Codes provide the basis for the consistency in generated points and linework in Release 6 exactly like the did in Release 5.
Release 5 Keys will work in Release 6. Minor layer assignment and generation issues can be fixed sfter input with the AutoCAD Standards Checker
and supplied LayerStandards6.dws file by manual layer assignment in the Standards Checker.
A number of assignments layer in Description Key Sets and Figure Dbs were changed.
Note:The NODE layer key position is moved in Release 6 to the last position before STATUS|PHASE per the NCS 5.0 recommendations.

The Match Keys spreadsheet documents all the detailed changes made.
The Match Keys spreadsheet tool will generate Key matches and test point and figure files
A summary of details supplied below:

  • In-depth consistency check between all the included Survey resources based on
    Standard Survey Code List
    Standard Layer Key List and
    Core and Basic description updates
  • Added CABs and appropriate NOT KEYS (search on the website for "Not Key" blog posts)
  • Added a few important IOS Codes to IOB Description Key Sets and FigureDbs
  • Added and/or Updated Keys to include references to new City Utilities (see blocks and symbols)
  • Added additional CORE and CHECK Description Key Sets for Release 6
  • Added additional sized vault Description Key Sets and resource files
  • Fixed known errors per customer feedback in Keys and updated documentation to include the same
  • Updated Layer references in Description Key Sets and Figure Dbs to Release 6 Layer Standards
  • Updated all supplied resource files in templates and Style resources
  • Updated Core Descriptions - Core used for meaning and identification matching
  • Updated Basic Descriptions - Basic used for label generation via Format column in Description Key Sets
  • Keys typically used to produce detailed labels now include a standard Format string of "$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7"
  • Updated Key Format strings for typically labeled utility structures manholes, DI's, etc. (see above)
  • Updated Key Format strings for typically labeled survey control, property corners, etc.(see above)
  • Moved pavement words and marks to PAVE Key from Road Key
  • Moved Keys to Release 6 updated Civil Layer Keys where appropriate (see Layer Changes above)

All Survey Codes updated to the Layer Standards for Release 6

Survey Codes documentation and Match Keys spreadsheet tools updated for Release 6

Survey Code Spreadsheet Tools usage documentation available on the website

Figure Prefix Dbs

Release 6 includes a significant upgrade to Figure Prefix Dbs via improved consistency between Survey Codes and matched Description Key Set codes and their properties.
Both new Survey and Design ready line code Figure Dbs are supplied.
These include in-depth support for:

  • Both Survey and Design ready resources
  • Both typical and atypical utilities (see City Standards above)
  • Wide variety of site grading and landforms that employ the standardized BESTW Not Keys (see the website blog posts)
    Snoot and document complex structures in less time with more accuracy and consistent field to finish results
  • largest known Survey Code list always matched for both Figure Code and Point Codes data

A new spreadsheet construction and customization tool
is included for InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit products. (see below)

All Figure Prefix Dbs updated to the Layer Standards for Release 6
Figure Layers synched to Description Key Set Layers by Default

InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit include more complete and detailed Figure Dbs
include all IOS line codes and CODE matched layer properties

New Figure Prefix Dbs:

  • InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit - New IOS all inclusive single and double Line Dbs
    All Figures Set to set to Survey Layers set by default
  • InstantOn Basic - New IOB single and double Line Dbs
    Separate Figure Dbs provide for both Design and Survey with layers set to appropriate conditions
    Layers match Description Keys in general.
  • All supplied Figure Dbs are now reindexed in Code Order by default - no sorting needed to locate Codes
  • Breakline and Lotline values in all Dbs
  • Older Figure Dbs (if supplied) are renamed to an .OLD file extension to avoid confusion.
    See the 00_Resources\Survey folder for supplied file resources

Figure Prefix Db documentation updated for Release 6. See Match Keys in Survey Codes above.

New FigureDb construction and documentation spreadsheet is supplied
The new FigureDb Spreadsheet tool allows for easier customization and construction of Figure Db records
Excel workbooks produce copy record ready xml output from validated and matched inputs.

Summary List of Key changes listed in Survey Codes above.

Figure Db Spreadsheet Tool usage documentation available on the website

Blocks and Symbol Set

Added variations of comm systems UTCA, UTFB

Added variations of water systems – recycled water and irrigation UTRW and UTIR

Added Pullboxes (small square vaults) and Cabinets for appropriate utilities

Added Pullboxes and Cabinets to supplied typical Point Styles file resources where appropriate

Added Point Styles and insert Layer system improvements

Updates to Point Styles drawings

  • Release 6 layer scheme improvements and fixes
  • Added new Symbol content
  • New build of all INSERT and Update scripts
  • Updated and added scripts – Insert scripts automatically PURGE old blocks
  • Added SO (square vault) resource Point file drawing
  • Updated all Point Style resource drawings

Added new Symbol Set spreadsheet tool documentation

Mid Year Updates

Call before you dig symbols in ANNO-CALL folder

Miscellaneous new requested symbols

Added New Traffic Control diagram support in Symbol Libraries

  • TRAF
    • The following symbol folders include real world sized symbols
    • DETR - (roadway detectors)
    • HEAD - (mast and signal pole heads)
    • MAST - (multiple sizes of poles and masts from 15-65')

New Utilities support in Symbol Libraries

  • UTCA
  • UTFB
  • UTRW
  • STLT (added typical light poles)

Added folders of Sized Vaults with Text in Symbol Libraries - TSZVALT
and optional vault folders with text code symbol variants from NCS standard codes -TAS@@

  • UTCA
  • UTCO
  • UTEL
  • UTFB
  • UTNG
  • UTPH
  • STLT (added typical light poles)

Mid year Updates to Scripts and Maitenance Spreadsheets

Mid year Update of Symbol Set documentation

NCS 5.0 Linetype Resources

Updated supplied example linetype drawings and resources

Annotative Alignment Group Label Styles to replace these are supplied in the Jump Kit Alignments resources


Changed Existing textstyle back to 11 degree oblique based on customer preference feedback
The Existing textstyle was changed to a standard italic font in Release 5

  • Customers may change easily change this font preference to meet their needs in the supplied Layer Standards dws file and quickly update templates and project drawings to comply with their preference with the Standards Checker.

Removed all extraneous textstyles from all supplied resources.
Includes textstyles employed in Sheet template titleblocks.
“anno-arial” is changed to “Annotative”, “Titleblock” changed to “Proposed”

Historical AutoCAD civil product textstyle resources are still supplied with all products

Sheet Template Additions and Updates

Added and updated current parametric Annotative blocks to the Set templates
(e.g. tags, north arrows, scales, titles, views, etc.)

Added a new Horizontal titleblock example Sheet template
Horizontal version contains the same array of Layouts as the Vertical version
Viewports are maximized and arranged consistently throughout all Layouts

Civil 3D Object Layer Changes

Updates to Object Layer Assignments in Design and Survey templates based on changes to the Layers

Layers with ALIN keys changed to Layers with a new ALGN key

See the ObjectLayer spreadsheets in the Documentation folder –
Design and Survey spreadsheets holds both old Release 5 details and the new Release 6 object assignment details in separate sheets.

The main Product Solution documentation also includes specific details

Style Additions, Fixes and Changes

Added additional Plan and Profile Point Labels

Added Point Styles – see Symbol Set changes and updates

Added View based Point Style labels for faster Plan and Profile annotation.

Updated all Feature Line Styles to ByLayer for Plotstyles – change in Civil 3D default for Feature Line features

Many Section Marks simplified to C-VIEW-SCTN-MARK
Utilities are targeted in Views to appropriate UTIL layers (e.g. C-VIEW-SCTN-UTWR) for Parcels, Profiles, Alignments, Pipes, and Pressure Pipe components.

Style Layer assignment updates to:

  • Alignments
  • Parcels
  • Profiles
  • Cant Views

Added new Utilities support to Style libraries (see Feature Style changes below)

InstantOn products include more Utilities Style support and variations

Extra Gravity Pipe systems removed in favor of Pressure Pipe systems.

Assembly Sets and Resources

Updated supplied Assembly Sets, drawings, and resources

Feature Style Resources and Fixes

Added additional View based Plan and Profile Point Label Styles for traditional sheet production labeling

Added Point Styles – see Symbol Set changes and updates

Updated all Feature Line Styles to ByLayer for Plotstyles – change in Civil 3D default for Feature Line features
Note Feature Line Styles do NOT currently update with the Style Import tool.
Use Drag and Drop methods to update these Styles.

Added additional Description Key Sets and Codes for Pullbox, Cabinet, and Plan and Profile output

New Utilities support in Style Libraries

  • UTCA
  • UTFB
  • UTRW

Added new Utilities to Parcels, Profiles, Alignments and associated Label Styles

Added new Utilities to Pressure Pipes and associated Label Styles

  • COND Key replaces PIPE Key where appropriate to the system

Gravity Pipes include only UTSD, UTSS, and UTWR systems

  • Removed unnecessary systems Styles and Label Styles
    replaced these with Pressure Pipe systems

Added Pressure Pipe systems including Single Line, Double Line, and Filled lines support for all appropriate and supplied Utility systems. Label Styles for all parts are included.
No default Pressure Pipe Parts Lists supplied.

Added annotative Alignments for all new Utility systems
These include typical Major Station Group Labels for the above.

Updated Utility Alignments to display Marks by the Utility in Section Views

Updated Utility Profile to display to display Marks by the Utility in Section Views

Updated Utility Parcels and Easements to display Marks by the Utility in Profile and Section Views

Jump Kit by Feature Drawings

Updates to Styles drawings
These reflect Release 6 layer scheme improvements and fixes

Updated supplied Subassembly example drawings including examples with Code Set Styles

Updates to all Feature Line Styles (see Style changes above)

New Utilities support in Style Libraries

  • UTCA
  • UTFB
  • UTRW
  • STLT (limited)

Added new Utilities to Parcels, Profiles, Alignments and associated Label Styles

Added new Utilities to Pipes and Pressure Pipes and associated Label Styles

Updated Utility Alignments to display Marks by the Utility in Section Views

Updated Utility Profile to display to display Marks by the Utility in Section Views

Updated Utility Parcels and Easement to display Marks by the Utility in Profile and Section Views

Insert Scripts for Utilities typically PURGE existing blocks for the Utility and insert new blocks
Allows for faster replacement of different types of AutoCAD blocks in base drawings


All previously supplied Release 5 AddOn Styles and resources updated to Release 6.
These include Topo Grids, Erosion Control, and Legends and List AddOns

All previously released AddOn Styles now included in Release 6 Jump Kit resources