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4 Results found for "lobotomy"

1. Alignment Based Point Groups

What the heck is an Alignment based Point Group? What? You’ve never had to produce Plan and Profile sheets? Aren’t there lots of points you have to label and or symbolize relative to those View Frames...

2. A Transformers Future to Consider

...them. You can dumb down and publish the parts and pieces which is enough. Or is it? See the Civil Lobotomy for Points and related posts for an example. Systems Lobotomy Let’s say tomorrow you have a...

3. A Civil Lobotomy for Points

I won't claim credit for creating the great term "civil lobotomy". It was tweeted to me by a new follower (thanks John) in response to my Dumb it Down to CAD post. Isn't the growth of social networking...

4. Publish On Demand for Points in Civil 3D

What is the Civil Lobotomy for Points? How to Export Points Drawings From Civil 3D Civil 3D is not Land Desktop… It's More InstantOn makes Points, Symbols, Keys all the Rest a Whole New Power Game. Get the Point Work Dumbed Down to AutoCAD Description Key Sets and Point Groups Do More and do it Faster Survey DBs Collect and Manage More SaveAs and Exporto than you Can Ever Imagine