Yes The Cadpilot Moved

We have moved to a new and improved hosting home.

Over the last weekend in June we moved the Cadpilot to a new home away from home.

This resulted in a bit more downtime than we expected. These things ALWAYS seem to do that.

We apologise for any inconvience this change to a new and better hosting provider may have caused you.

We also made changes to the security model, authentication, and cookies technology that runs behind the scenes in the website. Our better hosting provider and improved site engine technologies will allow us to improve things significantly over the next few months.
Meanwhile, most things remain exactly the same on the surface.

If you are coming back for the first time since the move, it would probably be a good idea to clear your old cookies for this site from your browser(s).
There are a couple of other little quirks we are still working on.
These are reflected in notes and Warnings on the Login page which you can always access by clicking the Log In control at the top of the site.