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Autodesk Civil 3D Survey Solutions

Surveyors from the Alaskan North Slope to the Florida Keys at work: in major metros; on highway projects; oil pipelines; shopping centers; residential subdivisions; and, yes, even simple rural site surveys employ our Framework for Civil 3D products every day to produce exemplary and exceptional survey documentation and deliverables in less time and less effort in Civil 3D.

The latest Release 8 Framework for Civil 3D now supports NCS (National CAD Standards) STB standards and GSA (General Services Administration) CTB standards.

Framework for Civil 3D Release 8 Products Support:

Adaptive Layer Standards

By default Release 8 employs the latest NCS 6.0 Layer Standard. That includes built-in NCS 6, GSA, DOD (Department of Defense), and US Army Corps layer standards support. All the standards construction resources are delivered for both STB and CTB. Layers with integrated properties for all the official NCS Disciplines are supported.

The Framework for Civil 3D’s robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to CAD Layer Standards in Civil 3D allows our customers to meet the demanding requirements in more projects, more jurisdictions, and for more diverse clients with less work, improved ease of use, and better publication capabilities. The supplied resources can be easily changed to support any of multiple variants of the NCS or even your own custom set of Layer Keys.

Adaptive and Integrated Survey Codes, Description Keys for Point and Figure Resolutions

For the many Layer Standards supported in Release 8 the Framework for Civil 3D supplies integrated match sets of  managed Survey Codes, Description Keys and Figure Prefix Dbs. These are backed by innovative Survey Query tools resources and Spreadsheet Tools to help reduce your production time to better results in Civil 3D.

Adaptive Template Building Blocks

Release 8 includes a host of brand new and innovative Adaptive Template Building Block Style collections and practical production resources for Civil 3D. You can assemble and employ task-based Civil 3D templates for many typical civil engineering design and survey documentation tasks and design specialties from these standardized template building blocks.

Field Tested Autodesk Civil 3D Survey Solutions

Out of the box a Framework for Civil 3D product delivers a real-world production difference. The following video aptly demonstrates some of the built-in and in-depth product capabilities. Those even include better deliverables in multiple CAD and GIS formats. We show you how...


The Civil 3D Survey that Delivers Demanding Field to Finished

Autodesk Civil 3D is a feature rich production environment for surveyors and civil engineers. We all soon discover that Civil 3D requires customization to be usable in real world projects. The cost of this development can easily be more than the cost of the software itself. The on-going maintenance and total cost of ownership costs are often worse.

"Surveyors need to gather data and analyze not customize software or recreate interfaces."

The Complete and Integrated Civil 3D Survey Solution

Our Framework production tools for Civil 3D are focused on providing rich Civil 3D template, Civil 3D style libraries, and other mission critical resources that work.

The Framework's flexible, adaptive, and robust Civil 3D resources include:

  • Compliant NCS (National CAD Standard) resources in complete detail and in multiple variant layer schemes
  • Quality control and quality assurance Style Tools for every part of Civil 3D Survey
  • Rich annotative Style Tools and Symbol Libraries that make you work look great
  • In-depth support for both Site Plan and Alignment-based Plan and Profile publication
  • Spreadsheet Tools for Civil 3D make all the Civil 3D detailed customization fast and easy.
    If you can use Excel and AutoCAD you can make the product work your way.

The Framework for Civil 3D is built to maximize survey and civil engineering production work.

What’s our most popular product for Surveyors who use Civil 3D?

Jump Kit – The Framework for Civil 3D

Why? Jump Kit includes InstantOn, Symbol Set, and more.
Why all that? Projects that start right finish strong and finish fast.