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What the Framework for Civil 3D Does

Framework products provide the Tools, a Systematic Method to Use the Tools, and a way to Maintain the Tools that are all required to make Autodesk Civil 3D work in real-world projects.

  • Civil 3D Templates that Work
  • Civil 3D Styles by the thousands
  • Every Civil 3D resource provided in-depth and in detail
  • Documented inside and outside of Civil 3D
  • Easy to Use and Powerful Customization Tools

Autodesk Civil 3D Unleased


The Framework for Civil 3D is Jump Kit

Why the Framework is called the US Country Kit for Civil 3D

The Framework Products are a Win-Win for organizations of all sizes
There are a host of reasons why people choose our products.


Makes You Ready

  • An Easier and Faster Move from legacy Land Desktop/AutoCAD to Civil 3D
  • Civil 3D is better, faster, and easy to use
  • All the Right Stuff is built in
  • National CAD Standard 4.0/5.0+ compliant
  • Plots Right Out of the Box

Reduces Costs

  • Compliant with National Standards (NCS)
  • Built on a Civilized NCS
  • Documented, Consistent and Standardized
  • Designed to be Easy to Use and Customize
  • Built from the ground up to be Easy to Maintain
  • Facilitates Civil 3D Data and Project Sharing
  • Project dataset to Evaluate, Learn and Train

Installs and Runs in Minutes

  • Available for Multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D
  • An Easy No Hassle and No Code Install
  • No IT technology problems or third party issues
  • Reduces Support, Training, and Production Costs
  • Extensive Libraries of Standard Parts
  • Lots of Recorded Online Video Training

We know implementing Autodesk Civil 3D requires more than a Template and a few Styles

Levels of Work

There are three levels of work required to productively employ Civil 3D on your projects.

  • Daily Use - Create the Civil 3D Features (the data) that build the project "Dynamic Model"
  • Publication - Produce plotted and digital output from the data in the project "Dynamic Model"
  • Management - Customize and Maintain the System that maximizes the Daily Use and Publication

The different levels of work explain why many organizations struggle with Civil 3D implementation and adoption.

For organizations large or small the tasks often may get mixed together on the job.

The distinction between these separate levels helps explain why there are different Products.

Our Products and the Levels

  • InstantOn desktops are Daily Use and Publication products.
  • Jump Kit and Symbol Set products are Management Level products
    that contain additional Style libraries, Resource libraries, and customization and management tools. 

In various "flavors" and levels of detail, our products provide the Systems and Structure to get that work done and optimize Civil 3D for Daily Use.