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Civil 3D Government Solutions

The Civil 3D Solution for Government

The Framework for Civil 3D is the best, most complete, and most popular Civil 3D solution for Government Agencies of all sizes. Why? The Framework is a Managed System for Civil 3D.

The Framework for Civil 3D Transforms the Work in Public Works

Our customer list includes federal agencies, counties, parishes, and townships, cities, and municipal agencies from large counties and metros to small towns.
There are a host of reasons why more government agencies and public works departments choose our Jump Kit product.

The Release 8 Framework Delivers

Framework for Civil 3D Release 8 Products Support:

Release 8 includes built-in NCS compliant and BIM ready City Standards based on the Open Civil Keys

  • In-depth coverage of typical municipal, county, township, and parish utilities
  • Improved CAD and GIS application Conversion and tools
    Produce digtal edit ready deliverables in AutoCAD and any other CAD or GIS app out of the box
  • The Best Managed Civil 3D Production Solution on the planet
  • Affordable and Built to Stay that Way


Innovative and Easy to Customize Civil 3D Resources

Release 8 includes industry standards based built-in resources for all the mission critical parts and pieces in Civil 3D.


Adaptive Layer Standards

By default Release 8 employs the latest NCS 6.0 Layer Standard. That includes built-in NCS 6, GSA, DOD (Department of Defense), and US Army Corps layer standards support. All the standards construction resources are delivered for both STB and CTB. Layers with integrated properties for all the official NCS Disciplines are supported.

The Framework for Civil 3D’s robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to CAD Layer Standards in Civil 3D allows our customers to meet the demanding requirements in more projects, more jurisdictions, and for more diverse clients with less work, improved ease of use, and better publication capabilities. The supplied resources can be easily changed to support any of multiple variants of the NCS or even your own custom set of Layer Keys.

Adaptive Survey Codes, Description Keys for Points and Figures

For the many Layer Standards supported in Release 8 the Framework for Civil 3D supplies integrated match sets of  managed Survey Codes, Description Keys and Figure Prefix Dbs. These are backed by innovative Survey Query tools resources and Spreadsheet Tools to help reduce production time for better and faster results in Civil 3D.

Adaptive Civil 3D Building Blocks

Release 8 includes a host of innovative Adaptive Building Block Style collections and practical production resources for Civil 3D. You can assemble and employ task-based Civil 3D templates for many typical civil engineering design and survey documentation tasks and design specialties from these standardized template building blocks.

Makes You Ready

  • An Easier and Faster Move from any CAD or GIS to Civil 3D
  • Civil 3D is better, faster, and easy to use
  • All the Right Stuff is built in
  • National CAD Standard 6.0 and 5.0 compliant
  • Works and Plots Right Out of the Box

Reduces Costs

  • Compliant with National Standards (NCS)
  • Documented, Consistent, and Robust
  • Designed to be Easy to Use and Customize
  • Built from the ground up to be Easy to Maintain
  • Facilitates Civil 3D Data and Project Sharing
  • Project dataset to Evaluate, Learn and Train

Installs and Runs in Minutes

  • Available for Multiple releases of Civil 3D
  • An Easy No Hassle and No Code Install
  • No IT technology problems or third party software issues
  • Reduces Support, Training, and Production Costs
  • Extensive Libraries of Standard Parts
  • Includes Free Recorded Online Video Training

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