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The Latest Release 8 Framework for Civil 3D

"Who knew a set of resources for Civil 3D could change the way we work so profoundly for the better."

Framework for Civil 3D Release 8 Products Support:

The Framework Products revolutionize real-world productivity.

The Framework for Civil 3D products are a massive departure from the traditional approach to implementing Autodesk software which is to internally "customize" the software from the ground up. This doesn't appear to make sense given the power, depth, and complexity of Autodesk's model-based software. Complete internal customization also no longer appears to make sense practically and financially for many organizations.

"Civil Engineers need to do engineering not customize software.
Surveyors need to gather data and analyze not recreate interfaces."

  • Thousands of Field Tested Civil 3D Styles and Sets for Every Civil 3D Feature
  • ByDesign an Integrated System built to Work and Work Together
  • Hundreds of NCS compliant blocks, Point Styles, and More
  • A Worldwide Customer base that today employs the
    Civil 3D Framework products to Construct their Standards
  • A complete range of products to meet every budget and need
  • NCS 6.0/5.0/4.0 Layers with Maintenance Support files included
  • An in-depth NCS compliant Symbol Set
  • NCS compliant and in-depth Linetype support
  • A Framework product is ByDesign Easy to Understand and Easy to Use
    "Just Match the Names"
  • Fully integrated NCS "like" rule-based Naming Conventions
  • No Hassle Civil 3D Drawing, Working Project, and Release Upgrades
  • In-depth support for multiple Civil 3D Releases
  • The Best Civil 3D customization tools available in the world

We constructed a fully integrated customization framework system that organizations of any size can use to more rapidly adopt, implement, and profit from their existing investment in Autodesk Civil 3D modeling software.
If you have employ Civil 3D, you understand the need.
You may have even created your own internal customization.
If so, you understand the maintenance issues involved.

We all face that challenge.

We didn't just raise the bar. We changed the game. Why?

It simply makes more sense...