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The AKN online Help Video Collection for Civil 3D 2021

You can change the release reference (2021) in the link above to see and play the videos for Civil 3D 2020-2018.

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What Videos to watch first?

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  • Framework Preview videos provide a quick peek into the Framework
  • If you are new customer, watch the Install videos - you must login.
  • The updated Overview Videos cover what is in the packages and how to use them
  • The Blog Videos are video blog posts on a variety of topics
    New videos are added frequently.
  • Civil Training on the Web lists selected video training from others with comments.
    These include important Autodesk product series of videos from published lists.
  • The Civil 3D Projects and Setup videos cover the ways to employ
    Data Shortcuts and Data References - How Projects work in Civil 3D
  • Civil 3D Setup Checklists videos cover the details and mechanics of Civil 3D Setup
  • Description Key Sets cover point display and customization
  • In-depth Civil 3D training course listings cover vital production topics.
    See the Plan Publication and the plan and profile Deliverables courses.

Does the video content for one release still apply?


Framework products run in multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D.

An Autodesk Civil 3D release may differ in some nuanced areas but the fundamentals and process mechanics that Civil 3D employs do not change much by design.

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 Site Grading Design Shared Control

Site Grading Design Shared Control

Recent Blog Posts | Blog Post

How to manage the mechanics of DREF Design Control in Multiple Baseline Site Grading Corridors

We need to employ the strengths and tools of Civil 3D Project Data References and the Corridor engine to our best advantage.


 Manage Multi Baseline Grading Corridors

Manage Multi Baseline Grading Corridors

Recent Blog Posts | Blog Post

How to manage the mechanics of Multiple Baseline Grading Corridors

We need to employ the strengths and tools in the Civil 3D Corridor engine to our best advantage.
We often tend to over complicate the design Baselines in our Site Design Grading Corridors. The Corridor Box Ties Settings are there to reduce the effort needed.


 Multiple Slope Site Design Corridors

Multiple Slope Site Design Corridors

Recent Blog Posts | Blog Post

The mechanics of Multiple Slope Corridors for Site Design

We can employ multiple Offset Alignments, Offset Profiles and Widenings all together in a Site Design Corridor.
We need to learn to manage the nuances of Alignment, Profiles, Corridor Baselines, and Region design control properties to improve the many forms of output results delivered by the Civil 3D corridor engine.