Civil 3D Data Shortcuts Synopsis Video

Sept 27, 2013 - MoreCompetency Inc releases a new YouTube video synopsis of how AutoCAD Civil 3D Data Shortcuts work.

How do AutoCAD Civil 3D Data Shortcuts work?
The latest 20 minute video from and now available on YouTube explores the key Civil 3D Datashort and Civil 3D Data Reference methods and practices. The tools are a simple but powerful project data management tool.

Public works agencies, commercial civil engineers, and survey firms of all shapes and sizes all must deal with managing the ever growing forms of civil engineering and survey data available in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Whether you employ Civil 3D 2014, Civil 3D 2013, or even 32-bit AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 the fundamentals remain the same and the Data Shortcut tools are flexible and adaptable to many needs.

Civil 3D Data Shortcuts Method and Practice

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