AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1 Released

Sept. 27, 2015 - Autodesk releases Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2016. Adds Windows 10 support for AutoCAD and AutoCAD based applications.

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Autodesk released Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2016 on September 27, 2015.
As of Saturday Oct 3, the SP1 for AutoCAD had not cascaded or appeared in the Autodesk Application Manager.
App Manager support for new Service Packs and Hot Fixes generally seems to take about a week.

Windows 10 Support

The AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1 adds official Autodesk support for Windows 10.

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supplied for Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Make sure you download and install the correct version of the Service Pack
  • You can upgrade to Windows 10 from Win 7 or Win 8 before or after installing SP1

This AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack DOES apply to AutoCAD Map 3D 2016, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and Infrastructure Design Suite 2016. See the AutoCAD Downloads page for a complete listing of AutoCAD based products that are affected.

Service Pack Behavior Changes

Autodesk announced a change to how AutoCAD Service Packs will work from now on:

“Important: Changes to Service Pack Releases from Autodesk

AutoCAD service packs are now separate and independent of the specific service packs for AutoCAD-based vertical products.

  • In the past, AutoCAD-specific fixes were included in the verticals service packs and you only needed to install the appropriate verticals service pack.
  • From now on, you will need to install the AutoCAD service pack in addition to any applicable service pack for your vertical products.

This change enables Autodesk to release service packs in a more timely fashion.”

Therefore, we will need to pay more attention to Service Packs for products that are part of AutoCAD Civil 3D in the future and/or rely more closely on the Autodesk Application Manager.

As of this posting this AutoCAD Service Pack does not appear on the affected product’s Download pages or listings.

You can download the 2016 Service Pack 1 from the AutoCAD Downloads page here.


See the AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1 complete English README here.

There are a number of important fixes to crashes and other annoying AutoCAD errors included in 2016 Service Pack 1.