AutoCAD 2018.2.1 Update

Mar 19, 2018 – Autodesk releases the AutoCAD 2018.2.1 Update

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The downloadable update is available to subscription customers via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

AutoCAD 2018.2.1 Update

Here are the AutoCAD 2018.2.1 fixes as listed in the readme:

General Issues


  • The image of a Web URL in the drawing displays correctly.

Model Documentation

  • No error dialog box displays after completing certain Model Documentation commands.


  • The characters show correctly when using double-byte characters with certain settings.

PDF / Plot

  • PDF files plotted using certain visual styles display correctly.
  • The plot result remains correct after changing the visual style in model space.


  • Object snap settings remain turned on during view editing commands.
  • AutoCAD startup time and network drive scanning speed are improved.
  • The dynamic input tooltips for dimensions display correctly on all supported operating systems.

CSR Issues

Point Cloud

  • Occasional crashes when adding color schemes to point clouds no longer occur.


  • Occasional crashes when detaching external references in some visual styles no longer occur.
  • Occasional crashes when importing or attaching DGN drawings with some spline types no longer occur.
  • Occasional crashes when getting the UCS coordinate values from a dimension no longer occur.

The link to the Readme – this contains details of all AutoCAD 2018 Updates in detail.