AutoCAD 2021.1.1 Update

Apr 26, 2020 – Autodesk released the AutoCAD 2021.1.1 Update

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The AutoCAD 2021.1.1 Updateis available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

The Update install requires access to the original install resources.

AutoCAD 2021.1.1 Update

Read the AutoCAD 2021.1.1 Update Release Notes

Fixed CSR Issues

Plot and Print PDF

  • Occasional crashes when plotting in the background to publish to DWF in the Sheet Set Manager.
  • Occasional crashes when copying the Custom Paper Sizes in the Plotter Configuration Editor.


  • Occasional crashes when editing a polyline in Block Editor mode.
  • Occasional crashes when using INSERT or CLASSICINSERT commands.

Fixed Issues

Blocks Palette

  • The inserted external DWG from the Blocks palette retains the case formatting.
  • Improved performance when loading block library drawings.


  • Draw order changes are retained when saving or reopening some drawings, or copying some blocks to a new drawing.
  • The dotted arrowhead of an MLEADER object displays correctly when zooming using the mouse.
  • The 3D solids created by legacy products display correctly without any offset.

Plot and Publish

  • When plotting to certain devices, the colors in the printed output correctly match the display in the drawing.
  • The plot preview can proceed without errors when using certain plotter drivers.
  • Solid hatches are plotted correctly to PDF without extra lines.
  • The DWF/DWFx is attached correctly in the drawing without any redundant lines.
  • When plotting a sheet set to multi-sheet PDF, hyperlinks are created not only for the first page but for all pages of the published sheet set.
  • The paper sizes and margins are kept in the Plotter Configuration Editor after modifying the standard paper sizes.
  • The plotted results display correctly on some model plotters.
  • The custom page size on specific plotter drivers can be adjusted as expected.


  • The sheet set template file can be found in the Create Sheet Set dialog box as expected.
  • The LISP project can be compiled to FAS files with MAKELISPAPP command.
  • The OSNAP correctly snaps to the target point.
  • Some drawings edited with Model Documentation can be opened correctly.
  • The table format is kept when opening a file with a table that has data links.
  • Repathing of Excel Data link does not change the data link connection type.
  • Blocks created with MEASURE command are placed with the corresponding unit setting.