AutoCAD 2022.1 Update

Jul 13, 2021 – Autodesk released the AutoCAD 2022.1 Update

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The AutoCAD 2022.1 Updateis available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

The Update install requires access to the original install resources.

The displayed build release after install is S.113.0.0 AutoCAD 2022.1

AutoCAD 2022.1 Update

Read the AutoCAD 2022.1 Update What's Fixed Notes

Check for AutoCAD 2022 Toolset updates for AutoCAD 2022.1 Update.

Fixed CER Issues

Drawing Compare

  • Occasional crashes when comparing drawings that contain objects inserted using the _INSERTCONTENT command.
  • Occasional crashes when switching the No Differences option on or off in the comparison results.


  • Occasional crashes when switching layout after opening drawings with some specific display cards.
  • Occasional crashes when signing out and quitting from Autodesk Account after creating some new drawings.
  • Occasional crashes when the DST file is stored in the Desktop Connector and another user opens a sheet that's already open in the Sheet Set Manager.
  • Occasional crashes when reopening a cloud sheet set file while the Desktop Connector is offline.
  • Occasional crashes when adding some special blocks into the Favorites tab or browsing drawings containing some special blocks in the Blocks palette.
  • Occasional crashes when using MOVE or MIRROR commands on multiple objects if DRAGMODE is set to Auto.
  • Occasional crashes when changing the visual style using the shortcut menu.


General Update Content


  • All defined settings for the current table style are applied when inserting a new count table.
  • Clipped xref boundary now displays when switching to a 3D visual style while the Count palette is open.
  • On the Count palette, the count number now updates when a block is moved to a layer that's turned off or frozen.
  • Improved performance when drawing polylines with the Count palette open.


  • The ribbon displays correctly when you undock the ribbon that's in a minimized state.
  • Some 3D objects in specific drawings display when opening in DirectX 12.
  • Solid edges display correctly when switching to some 3D visual styles.


  • Improved performance when panning on raster images.
  • Editing splines in some drawings no longer causes AutoCAD to hang.
  • More precise object snaps when using OSNAP and cursor settings.
  • The imported 3D objects can be scaled to the correct scale factor.
  • Blocks inserted with the MEASURE command can be scaled as expected.
  • Some arc objects are trimmed as expected.


  • TIF objects in external references are successfully plotted to files with certain plotter drivers.
  • When HPGL2 driver is installed, the drawings containing large rasters are correctly plotted to files without any memory issues.
  • The drawings are correctly plotted without any memory issues when using the hpg216.hdi driver.
  • The default Windows system printer can be selected without any error in the Plot dialog box.
  • OLE table cells are plotted to PDF with black text on white background as expected.
  • The original text format is retained when publishing to PDF.
  • Plot preview and plot hardcopy results display correctly on some specific plotter drivers.
  • The custom page paper size can be set correctly on Spirit plotter driver.
  • The unit type of the selected paper size and margin match the current settings in the Plotter Configuration Editor.


  • Improved performance during zoom and pan operations in AutoCAD Civil 3D drawings when hardware acceleration is turned on.
  • Improved performance when plotting some drawings to PDF using some plotter styles.
  • Improved performance when accessing the Autodesk Docs files from the Start tab.
  • Improved performance on the cursor movement when using NVIDIA display card.


  • The Traces palette automatically refreshes and shows the correct state of the current drawing.


  • Drawings containing AutoCAD Civil 3D objects are successfully saved even after running the PURGE command.
  • When working with large coordinates, the object snaps correctly recognize the intersecting polylines.
  • The RENDERONLINE command now works as expected in drawings from specialized toolsets.
  • The web link is successfully generated when using the SHARE command to share a link to a drawing.
  • When the HPLINETYPE system variable is set to 1, hatch objects are detected as expected when in a comparison mode.
  • The sheet revision number and other sheet set properties are reflected correctly in the Sheet Set Manager.
  • The Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons of the application window now display and work as expected.
  • Jog line can be added to the vertical dimension that's far from origin.
  • Floating drawing file tab sticks to the screen edges when switching the focus of the application.