AutoCAD 2023.1 Update

Jul 14, 2022 – Autodesk released the AutoCAD 2023.1 Update

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The AutoCAD 2023.1 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

The Update install requires access to the original install resources.

The displayed build release after install is AutoCAD 2023.1

AutoCAD 2023.1 Update

Read the AutoCAD 2023.1 Update What's Fixed Notes

Check for AutoCAD 2023 Toolset updates for AutoCAD 2023.1 Update.

Fixed CER Issues


  • Occasional crashes when selecting some objects with BLEND commands under "Shaded (Fast)" visual style.
  • Occasional crashes when switching to "Shaded (Fast)" visual style in some drawings.
  • Occasional crashes when launching AutoCAD on some machines with few specific graphic drivers.


  • Occasional crashes when opening and then saving some specific drawings.
  • Occasional crashes when using PASTESPEC to copy Microsof Excel table into the drawing.

General Update Content


  • When you turn on/off layers, the objects in the drawing are reflected correctly.
  • The dimension preview now displays under "Shaded (Fast)" visual style.
  • The 3D objects can rotate correctly on the expected location when orbiting through 3D gizmo under "Shaded (Fast)" visual style.
  • Bold and italic formatting in MTEXT now works as expected under "Shaded (Fast)" visual style.

Markup Import and Markup Assist

  • The Markup Assist boundary displays correctly when holding the wheel to pan on one of the locked viewports.
  • The Markup geometry keeps the uneditable status after using the TRACEBACK command.
  • Pressing the Esc key now cancels the Markup Import process.
  • The imported images keep the embedding status after the Markup import is completed.


  • Improved performance when plotting a file with the raster image pasted and setting "Background Transparency" to Yes.
  • Improved performance when orbiting the drawing containing multiple leaders with SHIFT+middle mouse button under "Shaded (Fast)" visual style.
  • Improved performance on Hatch pattern previews on the ribbon drop-down list.


  • The Markup entity can be recognized successfully after undoing the new trace creation.
  • The "Trace - Name Already Exists" message now displays when there is a duplicate trace name.

Sheet Set Manager with Autodesk Docs

  • The Edit button on the Sheet Set Manager for Web palette automatically adapts the palette width.
  • The expand status on Sheet Set Manager for Web palette is now kept when switching the color theme in AutoCAD.
  • The cloud DST file is now recorded on the Recent documents list.

User Interface

  • Drop-down lists now display clearly in certain dialog boxes in Windows 11.
  • The QVLAYOUT thumbnail previews can be hidden automatically when selecting one of the layout previews.
  • The underscore in the action macro name on the Action Recorder panel now shows in the drop-down list.
  • The Close button now displays completely on the top-right side of the Start tab.
  • The scroll bar and icons now show correctly in the Recent tab when setting display scale to certain values.
  • An error message has been fixed when pressing the Esc key to close "Sort" pop-up list on the Start tab.
  • Any layer can now be dragged into a Layer group filter in Windows 11.


  • TRIM and HATCH now recognize the edges of Civil 3D objects.
  • All copied dimensions now appear at their specified locations correctly when associative dimension is copied multiple times.
  • OLE objects now display correctly in Windows 11.
  • Commands can now be entered immediately after switching layouts between multiple layouts.
  • The renaming function in the Sheet View Category on the Sheet Set Manager is now implemented successfully.
  • The Explode option on the Blocks palette is now retained after relaunching AutoCAD.
  • The OVERKILL command behavior is now consistent with legacy products.
  • Some specific STEP files are now imported correctly into AutoCAD.
  • MLEADER objects converted from multiple text objects can now be set to a correct Z value.