AutoCAD 2024.1 Update

Jul 24, 2023 – Autodesk released the AutoCAD 2024.1 Update for AutoCAD 2024 and the AutoCAD 2024 Toolset products

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The Autodesk AutoCAD 2024.1 Update is available via Autodesk Access or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

The AutoCAD 2024.1 Update install requires access to the original install resources.

The AutoCAD 2024.1 Update cannot be uninstalled and includes previous updates.

Official posted release date - Jul 23, 2023.

AutoCAD 2024.1 Update

Read the AutoCAD 2024.1 Fixed Issues

Customer Reported Errors


  • Occasional crashes when inserting a block with AUTOPLACEMENT and then redefining the block.


  • Occasional crashes when launching AutoCAD on a Windows 10 OS version.
  • Occasional crashes when using certain graphics cards with high memory utilization.


  • Occasional crashes when switching to middle viewports in some special drawings.


  • Occasional crashes when performing copy, undo, or grip-editing operations in certain drawings.
  • Occasional crashes when creating a freehand revision cloud in drawings with high coordinates.
  • Occasional crashes when trying to recover some special drawings.
  • Occasional crashes when opening a drawing with external reference drawing paths that contain some unsupported characters for Windows filenames.
  • Occasional crashes when editing and extracting data to tables and then clicking the X button to close.
  • Occasional crashes when switching the spline display from control vertices to fit points.

General Content Fixes


  • The -BREPLACE command can now support the full path input.
  • Block preview now moves with the cursor when AUTOPLACEMENT and 3D object snap are on.


  • AutoCAD no longer freezes when switching to Shaded visual style in some drawings.
  • The preview of 3D objects displays correctly when scaling up under Shaded visual style.
  • Transparency of the point cloud objects can be adjusted correctly under Shaded visual style.
  • No more missing point cloud when plotting to PDF under Shaded visual style in certain drawing.
  • Accurate display effects are achieved when highlighting lines or polylines or adjusting lineweight with certain Intel graphics cards.
  • Objects display as expected when their linetype is updated using the Properties palette while hardware acceleration is on.
  • Objects in Model Documentation views can display correctly when zooming in or out.

Markup Assist

  • The ESC key can successfully dismiss the Markup Import & Markup Assist Welcome dialog box.
  • Improved markup recognition capability.


  • Custom paper sizes or print properties can be retained in the Plot dialog box with some plotter types.
  • The Overwrite file function works correctly when plotting a drawing to a file.


  • Improved performance during zoom and pan operations in some 3D drawings.

Start Tab

  • The cursor state in Autodesk Projects grid view matches the list view or other user interfaces.
  • Sorting according to the date the files were last modified (Last Opened column) on the Start tab now works as expected now in several localized versions.
  • Date format for the recent files on the Start tab honors the Operation System region/date format.
  • The "Clear search and filters" button can clear the search field correctly on the Start tab.
  • Last used template file can be added to the "New" drop-down list of the Start tab.


  • AutoCAD works well when using the TRIM command and when TRIMEXTENDMODE system variable is set to 1 on drawings with high coordinates.
  • PURGE now removes additional types of orphaned data left behind in the drawing.
  • The correct DST file is now invoked when opening a drawing that belongs to a DST project in the Sheet Set Manager for Web.
  • Dimensions remain associative with the objects even when editing the texts inside the blocks using the Block Editor.
  • Improved performance when loading customized user interface elements.
  • Support file search paths can be edited during a custom installation of AutoCAD when "Lock security settings" option is on.
  • AutoCAD now remembers or restores the last snapped position or state.
  • The PDF external references display at the correct scale in paper space.