AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 Hotfix 4

July 10, 2017 – Autodesk releases AutoCAD Map 3D 2017.0.4 Hotfix

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This hotfix only appears to be available via the Autodesk Desktop app.
The Autodesk public download pages do not list either this hotfix or the preceding 2017.03 hotfix.

AutoCAD Map 3D 2017.0.4 Hotfix

This hotfix requires that the previously released 2017.0.3 hotfix has already been installed or the installation will abort.

Here’s the link to the Readme

Hotfix Changes


  • Digitizing a feature will result in error if the corresponding layer has defined a query including the non-standard functions like TB_VARIABLE.
  • Function 'Select features from Map' for Structure in Electric Explorer doesn't work.
  • New devices are not automatically related to the selected structure point.
  • Enhancement: Allow user to digitize multiple points at the same location without getting internal structure.
    Note: to turn on this function, please go to TB_info table, add one record, set 'Param:' as ALL_DUPLICATE_DEVICE, 'Value_numer' as 1. To turn off, set Value_numer as 0.
  • Pole icon doesn't show in Electric Container in EL_CE Data Model.
  • Split cable associates wrong devices to split cables.


  • Map 3D crashes when MAPTOACAD with long block names.
  • MAPTOACAD results in crash because display model layer save wrong settings in XML.


  • Sometimes stretching a vertex causes other vertices to be moved together.


  • On Windows 10 Map 3D 2017 cannot import ASCII txt files.

Feature Overlay

  • Map 3D creats wrong result with intersection for some specific data when doing overlay analysis.


  • Map 3D takes long time to update or delete features from templates in large job enabled databases.
  • Generate graphic causes memory increase.