AutoCAD Map 3D 2018.0.1 Update

Sept 21, 2017 – Autodesk releases the AutoCAD Map 3D 2018.0.1 Update

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This update is available in the Autodesk Desktop app if you have AutoCAD Map 2018 installed.

Map 3D 2018.0.1 Update

The following issues have been resolved in AutoCAD Map 3D 2018.0.1 Update

Industry Models

  • In Electric Explorer, the Select Feature from Map option didn’t work for structure features.
  • New devices were not automatically related to the selected structure point.
  • When you digitize multiple points at the same location, whether an internal structure is automatically generated, now depends on the field value that you set in the database table.
    Note: To turn on this function, access the TB_info table, add one record, set Param to ALLOW_DUPLICATE_DEVICE, and Value_numer to 1.
    To turn off this function, set Value_numer to 0.
  • The Split Cable operation associated the wrong devices to the split cables.
  • For ComboBox control with multiple detail tables, Detail SortOrder setting didn't work with other attributes except FID.
  • There was a crash when creating the job perimeter by selecting a complex polygon from the area.

Bulk Copy

  • BulkCopy would fail if the source layer contains a join.


  • Sometimes stretching a vertex caused other vertices to be moved together.
  • Dynamic grip menu didn't pop up again after the first edit was done.
  • Stretching vertex for arcs had an offset.
  • Midpoint grips for polygons were not available.


  • ANSI31 hatch was exported with wrong scaling and orientation.
  • Exported symbols with feature labels didn't get replaced with DWT blocks, so they had no global width and a different block naming.


  • Map 3D would crash when connecting to some corrupted *.SHP file.

FDO Raster

  • The rotated raster files were displayed in a filled orthogonal frame.


  • MAPSYMBOLIMPORTEXPORT didn't replace the symbols correctly.
  • AutoCAD VBA module failed to work with Map 2018.
  • Map 3D took a long time to update or delete features from templates in large, job-enabled databases.
  • The Generate Graphic operation increased memory usage.

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