AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.0.1 Update

Sept 22, 2020 – Autodesk releases the AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.0.1 Update

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The AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.0.1 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site. The update install requires access to the original AutoCAD 2021 install resources.

AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.0.1 Update

The Map 3D 2021.0.1 Update addresses the following issues:


  • Occasional crashes when working with the Style and Label Editor.

ArcGIS Online

  • Checking in new features to ArcGIS Online for layers that allow Add and Update Attributes only editing, may cause Map 3D to crash.
  • The latest submission to ArcGIS Online becomes invalid when the previous submission was rejected and canceled by the user.


  • Unexpected hatches in some layers when plotting to PDF.

Industry Model

  • Some strings in local language builds are truncated in the Workflow: Create duct template and Coordinate export dialog boxes.
  • For NA Electric, Finding Connected Features fails when the last step is the add start feature. It resets the trace direction to the default value.
  • MAPTOACAD may cause a crash when the layer contains a filter to an invalid attribute.
  • Map 3D may crash when two or more fly-ins are derived from the Autodesk.Map.IM.FOrms.FlyIns.DocumentFlyIn.
  • The filter in the SQLTextBox on Form doesn’t work as expected.
  • Topology checker list displays the topology name instead of the topology caption.
  • Some missing icons from the Data Checker dialog box and the form of compound feature class.
  • The attribute list checkbox in MAPEXPORT doesn’t fully support displays with high DPI.
  • IntersectionReport.ico doesn’t work as expected.

Read the Release Notes.