Autodesk Application Manager 2016 Update

Jan 26, 2016 – Autodesk releases Autodesk Desktop application manager 2016 Update

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Autodesk has released and renamed the new Autodesk Application Manager to the Autodesk Desktop app if you run Infrastructure Design Suite 2016 (IDS).

Autodesk Desktop now organizes and groups available updates by installed applications.

Unfortunately, you also lose the history of installed updates while gaining non-specific links to generalized Autodesk website resources.

Autodesk Desktop is more aggressive about prompts to the optional Sign In to the Autodesk Cloud. Sign-in currently gains you no obvious benefits or changes to the Autodesk Desktop interface.

Autodesk Desktop also appears to fix sticky Autodesk ReCap 360 and Autodesk Infraworks 360 update installation issues for IDS 2016 if you have upgraded to Windows 10.