Autodesk Design Review Released

Apr 3, 2017 – Autodesk announces the release of Autodesk Design Review 2018

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The latest update to Autodesk Design Review supports the new 2018 DWG drawing file format, all the previously supported file types, and updates the DWF publication and viewer engine. This is the first Design Review update since the last DWG format change in release 2013.

Autodesk Design Review 2018

You can download Design Review and the DWG True View application here.

The Design Review 2018 release Read me.
Below are some significant outtakes from that readme.

What’s New in Design Review 2018

  • Cloud shortcuts. The Design Review toolbar now includes shortcuts to A360, BIM 360, and AutoCAD 360.
  • Autodesk InfoCenter. Design Review now includes InfoCenter, a tool that enables you to access product-related information sources.
  • HP Instant Printing is no longer supported.

Known Issues with Design Review

  • Installation may fail when trying to install to a long local path.
    Solution: Try to use an installation path that is less than 160 characters long.
  • Design Review may stop unexpectedly when using the Section Face feature.
    Solution: Restart Design Review and disable hardware acceleration. Click the Design Review application button and select Options. On the Model tab, in the Driver box under View Settings, select Software (OpenGL), and click OK.
  • Design Review may stop responding when trying to view palettes for an Inventor animation file.
  • Cannot import DWG files when AutoCAD® 2014 and DWG TrueView™ 2014 are installed.
  • Installation of Design Review requires local machine administrator privileges.
  • Some links on the Resources tab may not be accessible from all countries.
  • Multiple PDF files cannot be dragged and dropped into Design Review simultaneously.
    Solution: Drag and drop PDF files into Design Review one at a time.
  • Some PDF files cannot be saved as DWF files when the dpi resolution is set to 720.
    Solution: Change the dpi resolution to 600 or lower to save the PDF file as a DWF file.
  • Find (from the Find palette or the Home tab > Search panel) may fail to return any results if the DWF file was created using the DWF Writer. For the best DWF publishing results, use a program's built-in publishing capabilities rather than DWF Writer.
  • Dragging and dropping some raster images in the Thumbnails or List View palettes or on the canvas may cause Design Review to stop responding.
    Solution: Convert the image to a different file type.
  • When an open DWF file is emailed from Design Review by clicking the application button > Send Email, and sent using a POP3 email account, the DWF file name in the received email may contain the sender's temp file path concatenated with the file name.
  • If, when uninstalling Design Review, the Cancel button is clicked, the uninstall will terminate but may cause Design Review to function improperly.
    Solution: From the Programs and Features control panel, select Autodesk Design Review in the list. Click Uninstall/Change to open the Autodesk Design Review Installation Wizard. Click Repair or Reinstall. Choose the Reinstall option and click Next. Follow the prompts to reinstall Design Review.
  • When AutoCAD is installed after Design Review, some system files are overwritten by the AutoCAD installation causing DWF shell extensions to fail.
    Solution: Uninstall and reinstall Design Review to restore the DWF shell extensions.