Autodesk Desktop Connector 14.8 Update

Apr 5, 2021 – Autodesk released the Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

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The Autodesk Desktop Connector 14.8 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site. The update requires access to the original install resources.

The official listed release date was Mar 25, 2021.
The Desktop Connector Update build version is

Notification was not available via the Desktop Connector interface until a few days after the official release date.

Warning: Check the Release Notes page in Autodesk Desktop Connector Help for the current and correct download link.

Download the latest April 2021 build of Autodesk Desktop Connector

Autodesk Desktop Connector 14.8

This version of the Autodesk Desktop Connector supports the official name change from BIM 360 to Autodesk Docs.

Desktop Connector Considerations

The new Autodesk Desktop Connector does not support Windows 7.

The Windows user local cache folder location for the Autodesk Docs integration is moved (migrated) during the install process to a new folder named ACCDocs.

Once migrated, applications which have file references supported by Desktop Connector will have their reference paths to the new location fixed automatically during normal operations (e.g. Opening a file from the workspace).

File types which do NOT have Desktop Connector reference support and employ absolute paths to maintain file references may need to have those new file reference paths resolved manually.

  • Opening files from previously created Recently Used in applications may be broken since the path to those files has changed.
  • The shortcut of BIM 360 hub in the File Open and Save As dialog of Civil 3D will be broken after installing the Desktop Connector release
    The impacted versions are Civil 3D 2020.5 and 2021.2 and older versions.
  • The Properties of the shortcut of BIM 360 hub in the File Open and Save As dialog of Civil 3D can be updated to the new and migrated ACCDocs folder location.

Autodesk Desktop Connector 14.8 Install Details

The Desktop Connector install is manual and overwrites any previously installed version of the Desktop Connector.
A computer Restart is suggested to complete the install.

Note that Autodesk clearly states that Autodesk Customer Support only supports the current version of the Connector.

New Features and Enhancements

  • In File Explorer and applications BIM 360 will now be called Autodesk Docs
  • BIM 360 local cache (located in %userprofile%) will be moved to a new folder named ACCDocs.
  • Repathing XREFs in DWGs caused Trace feature data to be lost

Resolved Issues

Current versions of the Desktop Connector work best with Civil 3D 2021.2+ and Civil 3D 2020.5.2+ Updates that are also currently available.

Read the Release Notes