Autodesk Desktop Connector 15.5 Update

Mar 24, 2022 – Autodesk released the Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

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The Autodesk Desktop Connector 15.5 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site. The update requires access to the original install resources.

The official listed release date is Mar 23, 2022.
The Autodesk Desktop Connector (ADC) update build version is

Notification was not available via the Desktop Connector interface until a few days after the official release date.

Warning: Check the Release Notes page in Autodesk Desktop Connector Help for the current and correct download link.

Download the latest build of Autodesk Desktop Connector

Autodesk Desktop Connector 15.5

This ADC release supports the Autodesk 2023 products.

Autodesk Desktop Connector 15.5 Install Details

The Desktop Connector install is manual and overwrites any previously installed version of the Desktop Connector.
A computer Restart is suggested.

Note that Autodesk clearly states that Autodesk Customer Support only supports the current version of the Desktop Connector.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for updated Autodesk 2023 applications
  • Support for updated Solidworks 2022 application
  • Reference Explorer Graph view capability to visually inspect file relationships
  • Updated Autodesk cloud drive images (Autodesk Docs, Fusion 360, Drive) to be consistent with updated Autodesk branding
  • Provide more detailed messages in failed pending actions rather than generic " An error occurred - Please Report the issue to Autodesk"

Resolved Issues

  • Accessing shortcuts to Desktop Connector workspace locations causes Windows Explorer crash
  • DWG File Locked State icon isn't shown in AutoCAD Application Home
  • File Open (Download) failure with error "The format of value 'application/octet-stream' is invalid". May be reproduced by uploading files via Cloudsfer
  • Delete Local in offline mode causes unexpected error
  • Intermittent crashes of Windows Explorer shortly after the startup
  • Desktop Connector AddinProcess.exe crash and display crash error report
  • Recap file uploaded to Drive via Desktop Connector is not viewable in
  • Desktop Connector should not allow saving to unsupported locations (ie. Root of Hub/Projects)
  • Lock/Unlock of file that doesn't exist in cloud shows error such as "Drawing file is invalid"

Read the Release Notes