Autodesk Infraworks 2020.1

Oct 1, 2019 – Autodesk releases the Autodesk Infraworks 2020.1

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The Autodesk Infraworks 2020.1 is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.
The Update requires access to the original install resources and installation.

The official Autodesk release date was Sept 25, 2019. This update did not appear to be available publically until Oct 1, 2019.

Autodesk Infraworks 2020.1

There is a new user interface in Infraworks 2020.1, benefits and features from the new Connector for ArcGIS Online apps, and important improvements to Road design, Civil Structures, and Civil 3D interop.

See the What’s new in Infraworks 2020.1 help page for specifics

A summary of Issues fixed in Infraworks 2020.1:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred on some occasions when switching between models or closing InfraWorks after having edited a model.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented selected features from being deleted due to a density slider displayed in the user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where Barrier model objects were not updating correctly after their Spacing attribute was modified.
  • Improved terrain generation performance for raster data sources.
  • Improved application stability and performance for upgrading legacy models that contain intersections.

Civil Structures

Autodesk improved the behavior, for Inventor parts or assemblies, of parameters that depend on other parameters containing an equation set. A parameter's value will now be determined by the equation defined for it in Autodesk Inventor, and the user-determined value will now be ignored.

This also affects contract parameters (parameters sets internally by InfraWorks and passed to the part when rendered), which allow parts to automatically conform to bridges, such as sizing a pier to fit between bridge girders and a terrain surface. In most cases, a contract parameter should not contain an equation, but if one does, it will now be calculated by the equation and the value determined by InfraWorks will be ignored.

To revert these new behaviors back to legacy behaviors, remove all equations from the part or assembly in Autodesk Inventor, then re-export the part or assembly from Inventor.

The following is a list of contract parameters set by InfraWorks:


  • LeftDeckSlopeInPercentage
  • RightDeckSlopeInPercentage
  • LeftWidth
  • RightWidth
  • NumberOfLeftGirders
  • NumberOfRightGirders
  • LeftmostGirderOffset
  • RightmostGirderOffset
  • OuterHaunchWidth
  • InnerHaunchWidth
  • MidHaunchOffsetsFromCrown
  • InteriorLeftGirder
  • InteriorRightGirder
  • GirderOffset


  • LeftDeckSlopeInPercentage
  • RightDeckSlopeInPercentage
  • LeftBotFlangeSlopeInPercentage
  • RightBotFlangeSlopeInPercentage


  • Skew
  • LeftWidth
  • RightWidth
  • BallastWallHeight
  • BallastWallLeftHeight
  • BallastWallRightHeight
  • LongitudinalSlope
  • SeatLongiSlope
  • SeatOffset
  • SeatOffsetLeft
  • SeatOffsetRight


  • PierHeight
  • PiercapLeftWidth
  • PiercapRightWidth
  • PiercapTopSlope
  • * StepHeight

Data Import

  • Improved performance when importing parcels/easements/right of ways via SDF or SHP format.

Drainage Design

  • Fixed an issue where on some occasions the Flood Snapshot command was inaccurately being disabled.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A few toolbar shortcuts that were not working correctly:
  • Press L then Press S to Launch Screenshot.
  • Press Shift+S to open Suitability Maps Panel.

Road Design

  • Fixed an issue where culverts did not display at the correct elevation in the profile view when using a projected coordinate system and long roads.
  • Fixed a problem where InfraWorks was not supporting a specific spiral-curve combination imported from Civil 3D.
  • Users can now enter negative station values in the Design Speed mini toolbar when a road has a starting point with a negative station value.
  • Fixed an issue where PVI elevations at intersections at the end of long roads were not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the profile view's station tracker and the cross section viewer to display intersection objects with erroneous elevations.
  • Removed the lifecycle panel from the Road stack as component roads do not support Lifecycle dates at this time.
  • Improved delayed road regeneration performance by disabling the Show Design Speed check box during delayed road regeneration editing sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the annotation input for an editable annotation would reset if the user zoomed or panned immediately after completing an annotation edit.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the ESC key within the Road Profile View could cause InfraWorks to close unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issues where incorrect vertical curve lengths could occur after performing the recreate profile action.
  • Fixed an issue where right of ways that had been created from road(s) that intersected a road with a non-zero start station caused the right of way creation to ignore the intersection.
  • Disabled by default rail turnout leveling that was forcing the turnout region of a track to be horizontal, which was causing bumps at the end of a turnout when a track was sloped. For all new models, turnout leveling will be disabled by default. This change does not affect existing models.