Autodesk ReCap Pro Update

Nov 30, 2017 – Autodesk releases the Autodesk ReCap Pro Update

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The ReCap Pro Update is available for install via the Autodesk Desktop app or manually from the Autodesk subscription pages.

The install requires the previous ReCap Pro version is installed on the computer.

Autodesk ReCap Pro Update

The ReCap Pro Update contains the following improvements, updates, and fixes:

  • Launch ReCap Photo™ from "photo to 3D" instead of opening
  • Improved experience creating elevation slices by computing new slices only when the ok button or the new preview button is clicked instead of on every value change.
  • Improved elevation slice creation by accurately reflecting the current state of the 3d point cloud in new elevation slices with respect to deleted points, clipped points, region visibility, scan visibility, and the current limit box.
  • Improved visual indication of the currently selected scan during registration.
  • Improved object mesh creation workflow for projects containing both structured and unstructured scans.
  • Fixed issue where the "share your experience" dialog would appear on every launch of the application in certain situations.
  • Updated to the latest ZFS SDK.
  • Improved error handling related to importing ZFS files.
  • Fixed issue where importing certain E57 and PTX files result in blurred RealViews and incomplete point cloud data.
  • Fixed ReCap OEM issue importing LSPROJ files containing project level scan transforms not present in the individual FLS files.
  • Fixed crash related to use of checkerboard targets for registration and alignment.
  • Fixed crash related to loading plugins on program launch.

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