Autodesk Revit 2022.1 Update

Sept 22, 2021 – Autodesk released the Autodesk Revit 2022. 1 Update

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The Autodesk Revit 2022. 1 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

After this Update is applied successfully, the build number specified on the Help > About dialog will be:



Autodesk Revit 2022.1 Update

This is a major Update for Revit and includes a large list of enhancements and fixes.

Read the Revit 2022.1 Update Release Notes

See the Release Notes above for important help on install issues.

Software Included

Revit 2022 - version

Revit Unit Schemas 2022 - version

REX Framework - version

REX Revit 2022 - version

Results Explorer Manager - version

Cloud Models for Revit 2022 - version

Generative Design for Revit 2022 - version

FormIt Converter For Revit 2022 - version



Added a Lock option to the Align tool to allow automatic locking of all aligned elements.

Category Visibility

Added a Category Name search bar to make it easier to locate the desired category in the list.

Content Browser

Added the ability to select multiple families in Load Autodesk Family.

Dynamo for Revit

Upgraded Dynamo for Revit to 2.12 in R2022.1 with the latest Dynamo Core version 2.12 integrated. Refer to link.


Added the ability to snap the mid of two points when drawing and modifying Revit elements, placing components in both project and conceptual massing environments.

Export PDF

Added the ability to pass along page size in Revit internal unit, in feet, instead of PDF unit for the callback API.


Clarified error messaging when loading a restricted family category while using an element placement tool.

FormIt Converter

Added the ability to control the visibility of FormIt curves through FormIt layers after the model was imported into Revit.

Added the ability to snap to more geometries in the imported FormIt models.

Exposed a new API to allow the user to import FormIt models.


Added support for importing and exporting IFC files of any size.

Import/Export Other

Addressed potential vulnerabilities in PDF link/import.

Added support for Rhino 7 files and Sketchup 2021 files.

Import/Export/Link SAT/SKP

Fixed an issue where dimensions snapped to geometries in an Import Symbol were distorted after reloading a CAD link that had been unpinned.

Import/Export/Link STL

Added the ability to import OBJ and STL files via the Import CAD command.

Import/Link DWG/DXF/DGN

Added the ability to pick all levels in the current model when importing or linking CAD formats in 3D views and section/elevation views.

MEP Fabrication

Reduced the amount of lateral movement when adjusting the elevation of sloped parts.

Improved the layout accuracy by maintaining perpendicular branches when using the in-canvas rotation controls within the angle tolerance of the fittings.

Added the ability to drag and drop straight ends to make sloped connections for bend and tee scenarios.


Added the ability to load a shared parameter file that has been created or modified in a newer release.

Added the ability to duplicate family parameters in the Family Types dialog.


Fixed an issue where partial cuts in hosts did not print in some cases in Wireframe views.

Fixed an issue with some elements not printing in Wireframe when overlapped by elements with solid fills overridden to transparent.

Project Browser

Added the Find in Project Browser command in the right-click menu of the drawing area to make it easier to find the currently opened view, sheet selected family, group, Revit link, or other content.

Reference Planes

Expanded the Select All Instances > Visible in View and Select All Instances > In Entire Project commands to now include reference planes.


Improved the behavior of rebar couplers to automatically switch to a type that is compatible with the connected rebar.

Added the ability to edit the constraints of multiple rebar sets at the same time.

Revit Cloud Model (workshared)

Enhanced the personal accelerator to work with the controlled links.

Added date filtering for version based on date presets.

Added a version history page in Revit home for Cloud Models where the user can open any of the model's versions as a detached .rvt file


Improved the performance of splitting keynote legend schedule with Filter by Sheet.

Enabled copy/paste keynote legend with filter by sheet across sheets and maintained layout/position after paste.

Added contextual tips in the Split and Place dialog to indicate that the last split schedule segments exceed the defined height or don't contain any data.

Added contextual tips in the Split & Place dialog as a reminder that more than one sheet is required for splitting schedules across sheets.


Improved performance when selecting or editing a very complex model element. For example, previously it took around 8 minutes to select the floor element, now it takes 0.3 seconds.

Improved the performance when there is large number of views, for example: First time opening a plan view or changing the detail level of the view containing about 10,000 section views, previously it took around 5 minutes, now it takes 1.5 minutes.


Expanded the 'Select All Instances > Visible in View and Select All Instances > In Entire Project commands  to now include additional line categories.

Expanded the Select All Instances > Visible in View and Select All Instances > In Entire Project commands to now include Model Lines and Detail Lines, which are filtered by line style.

Improved the Select All Instances > In Entire Project commands  to filter the selection of Areas across all views associated with the current Area Scheme only.

Expanded the Select All Instances > Visible in View and Select All Instances > In Entire Project commands  to now include Rooms, Areas, and Spaces.

Shared Coordinates

Added the ability to resize the Choose Site dialog when choosing a Shared Site from a link.


Enabled the Duplicate Sheet function in the Project Browser when right-clicking on the sheet.


Added the ability to resize the Site Settings dialog.


Added the ability to select all instances in the current view or in the entire model when multiple objects are chosen.

User Interface

Improved the response time when creating a new section or schedule view, or clicking the "reference other view" checkbox when there is large number of section views in a model. For example, when clicking the View - Create - Schedule button, previously it took 2.5 minutes to open the dialog, now it takes 1.5 seconds.


Fixed an issue where the work plane wasn't shown in the workplane viewer.

Enhanced the Work Plane Viewer display status to automatically zoom to fit after opening it.


Added API to delete Workset for workshared models.

Issues Resolved

Category Visibility

Fixed an issue with the sub-categories of Abutment Categories in the family editor Visibility/Graphic overrides.


Improved stability when working on a view that contains linear dimensions.

Improved stability when editing spot elevations.

Dynamo for Revit

Fixed the issue that Dynamo would fail to launch when the Revit install path includes non-English characters.

Fixed an issue where Dynamo would display blank geometry until regeneration when toggling the setting for Show Edges or Revit Background Preview.

Electrical Circuits

Improved performance when changing the assigned panel for a circuit in a large model.

Improved the performance when editing circuits with a large number of components.

Electrical Demand Factors

Fixed an issue that Load Classification name and element ID are not displayed in the deletion error message when deleting a Demand Factor in use.

Electrical Settings

Improved the performance when dragging/rehosting electrical families to a new location, especially when there are many lighting fixtures in an extremely large space.

Energy Model

Fixed an issue that caused instability when generating the energy model using the Rooms or Spaces mode and a room tag warning appears during the process.

Fixed an issue that caused analytical spaces to be assigned to thermal zones and zone equipment incorrectly when using the Use Rooms or Spaces mode to create the energy analytical model.

Fixed an issue that caused instability when generating the energy analytical model.

File Open/Save

Improved stability when saving a model during unstable network status.


Fixed an issue that caused a pipe accessory family, that uses an annotation symbol instead of linework assigned to the pipe accessory category, to not display correctly with annotation scale enabled.


Fixed an issue related to drag grid endpoint.


Resolved the issue that Autodesk Account is not automatically signed in when launching help a link from Revit.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fixed an issue that custom KeyboardShortucts.xml placed in the UserDataCache folder wasn't brought into the user folder and applied.

Link RVT Files

Improved stability when editing a dimension witness line that refers to a linked element.

MEP Analytical Systems

Fixed an issue that caused analytical spaces to incorrectly stay assigned to zone equipment when running a systems analysis after all are unassigned in the System Browser.

Fixed an issue that caused a systems analysis report to scroll to the top when the focus changed to a different view.

MEP Fabrication

Fixed an issue with changing size on parts that are connected to families which could result in poor stability.

Fixed an issue where toggling the connectors with severe slope angles would result in gaps from the connector to the dragging point.

Fixed an issue when placing an elbow on a rolled combo that could cause a main branch to unexpectedly move.


Fixed an API issue with setting the rotation angle of the material texture image.

Mechanical Settings

Fixed an issue that caused instability when deleting a line style that is used by the MEP Hidden Line setting.


Removed the deprecation flag for BuiltInParameter/ForgeTypeId API mapping functions.

Updated the remarks for public API method Definition.GetDataType().

Fixed UnitUtils methods GetTypeCatalogForSpec(ForgeTypeId) and GetTypeCatalogStringForUnit(ForgeTypeId) to execute ArgumentException instead of InternalException for invalid inputs.

Fixed Definition.GetGroupTypeId() to return an empty ForgeTypeId instead of executing an exception when Definition.ParameterGroup is BuiltInParameterGroup.INVALID.

Updated the API documentation by clarifying "Other" group In LabelUtils.GetLabelForGroup(ForgeTypeId).


Fixed an issue that a void extrusion created in a newer phase would show up in an older phase.

Properties Dialog

Improved stability when working with the type selector in editor mode.


Fixed an issue where free form rebar is not visible in elevation views that are cutting through the set.

Fixed an issue where a uniform shape driven rebar set would disappear when the option to show it as solid was enabled.

Fixed an issue where a moved bar would not be visible in a section view, unless the original bar position was within the range of the section.

Fixed an issue where the Place Rebar tool, on the ribbon Modify tab, was not displayed during Edit Assembly.

Revit Cloud Model (workshared)

Fixed an issue where a cloud model would not open when there is not enough disk space.


Fixed an issue where duplicate parameters could appear in a Note Block schedule, which if added to the scheduled fields, would cause stability issues.

Fixed an issue where the Split & Place schedule dialog may not respond.

Fixed an issue when copy/pasting a split schedule instance.

Shared Coordinates

Improved stability when working with the Project Base Point and the Survey Point.

Fixed an issue when tagging angles that are smaller than 0.1 degrees.

Space Engineering Parameters

Fixed some dialog display issues with localized versions of Revit.

Steel Connections

Fixed the upgrade of models saved in older Revit models that contained labels created for sub-elements of steel connections.


Resolved an issue with missing characters in tags containing right-to-left text such as Hebrew.

Fixed an issue where the cursor did not appear when editing text after Windows 10 Update 2004.


Resolved incorrect symbol placement for Cost Per Area unit of measurement.

User Interface

Fixed an issue were switching the view with Ctrl+Tab may not work for some models.

Improved stability when working with warnings and errors.

Improved stability when working with Revit view windows.


Uninstalling this update may cause the Revit version displayed in Windows>Add/Remove Programs to be blank.