Autodesk Revit 2023.1.1 Update

Nov 23, 2022 – Autodesk released the Autodesk Revit 2023.1.1 Update

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The Autodesk Revit 2023.1.1 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

Autodesk Revit 2023.1.1 Update

This Revit 2023 Update includes the Revit 2023.1 Update with fixes to the Desktop Connector interface. The Revit 2023.2 Update includes many enhancements and fixes.

Read the Autodesk Revit 2023.1 Update Release Notes

See the Release Notes above for important help on install issues.

Software Included

  • Revit 2023 - version
  • Revit Unit Schemas 2023 - version
  • REX Framework 2023 HF1 - version
  • Core Content 2023 - version
  • Steel Connections Core Content for Revit 2023 - version
  • Cloud Models for Revit 2023 - version
  • Generative Design for Revit - version
  • FormIt Converter for Revit 2023 - version
  • Personal Accelerator for Revit 2023 - version
  • Autodesk Identity Manager Component - version
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) - version 14.32.31332.0
  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime- version



  • Improved the behavior for align model type pattern so that it works in Floor views and 2D views.

Analytical Model

  • Replaced the command icon for Panel by Extrusion with an image that better represents the element that is created.
  • Fixed an issue in which AnalyticalMember does not disconnect hosted nodes when curve was changed with SetCurve API method.
  • Added the ability to automate the structural physical model creation using the analytical as context.
  • While modeling the structural analytical representation using the physical model as context, the physical and analytical elements are automatically associated. Also, each analytical element automatically inherit the associated parameters from the physical counterpart.
  • Added the ability to create and edit curved analytical panels to represent physical elements or groups of physical elements, curved or not, as simplified elements for the structural analysis workflow.


  • Corrected the material asset and room boundary for Japanese sample models.


  • Added search functionality to the Paste Aligned to Selected Levels and Paste Aligned to Selected Views dialogs.

Data Exchanges

  • Added support for exporting polylines to data exchanges.

Dynamo for Revit

  • Integrated Dynamo Core 2.16.1 into Revit. Detailed release notes are available at: [].

Energy Model

  • Improved the energy analytical model by classifying underground internal walls as internal walls.


  • Added structural content for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for HP steel profiles, concrete piles, anchors, precast columns, trusses, beams, and slabs. The content will be available from the Load Autodesk Family tool.

Fill Patterns

  • Fixed an issue that caused meshes with color overrides to be color-filled in Reveal Hidden Elements mode. This may require visibility settings for MEP Fabrication Part view filters to be updated to have a pattern instead of the default.


  • Improved Add/Modify Points for Floors and Roofs so that the user can add or modify points from a specified elevation base.
  • Improved the pattern direction on the sloped floor surface with multiple facets.


  • Added Revit integration with Twinmotion, which includes dedicated commands to automate the Revit to Twinmotion workflows by starting Twinmotion and establishing a direct link connection with the Revit model; as the design progresses in Revit this direct link can be updated, and Twinmotion can be used to incorporate real-time rendering, storytelling and animation.
  • Fixed an issue where some edges became invisible on selection in wire frame mode.

Graphics Certification

  • Enhanced the hardware setup check to allow users to get a clear picture of how their hardware matches Revit system requirements.


  • Added basic support for exporting to IFC4.3 and linking
  • Exported all levels marked as building stories to IFC, regardless of whether they contained elements based on them or not.
  • Fixed an issue where the edit button for IFC Predefined Type is not responding.
  • Corrected the height of some rooms imported via Open IFC so that they don't default to 8'.

Import/Export Image

  • Addressed potential vulnerabilities in Raster Image link/import.

Import/Export gbXML

  • Improved gbXML export by including the description from materials when using detailed constructions.
  • Improved gbXML export by including the description from detailed constructions.
  • Import/Link DWG/DXF/DGN
  • Addressed potential security vulnerabilities related to Autodesk's image processing components.
  • Disabled the "Place At" option when importing a CAD file into a document with no levels or reference planes.
  • Added US Survey Feet as an Import Unit when linking or importing a CAD format.
  • Added the ability to properly scale the DWG file whose unit is US Survey Feet when linking or importing it with the Auto-Detect option picked for Import units.


  • Improved the Change Service feature to support shallower slope angles.
  • Improved support for connecting offset taps in confined spaces using Multi-point Routing, Trim / Extend, and drag end modeling.

MEP Analytical Systems

  • Updated OpenSSL libraries installed by OpenStudio CLI For Revit to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

MEP Fabrication

  • Improved the Change Size feature to maintain directional tap orientations.
  • Fixed an issue with the change service feature on sloped pipework which was removing the slope angle.
  • Improved the modeling experience when using the Multi-Point Routing feature on shallow sloped pipework.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent shallow slope angles from being changed to be flat (not sloped).
  • Fixed an issue with the Auto-Rotate placement feature which sometimes orientated incorrectly on sloped fittings.
  • Improved the layout accuracy when using 45 degree elbows on sloped pipework.
  • Fixed an issue with change type on a multiple selection which could result in instability.
  • Parts with size changes that have open connectors when changing the service will now attempt to maintain the size differences and connector order allowing the parts to be successfully changed.
  • Added the ability to orient parts while placing parts based upon the mouse position, removing the need to use the space bar to rotate the parts. The space bar is still supported allowing the user to override the rotation.
  • Improved the behavior of pinned elements to convert them from design components to fabrication parts.
  • Added automatic connector toggling to swap connectors when the current connector does not match the snapped connector and one of the other connectors of the part is compatible.
  • Improved the part size width and depth when connecting to parts which have a greater depth than width.

MEP Miscellaneous

  • Enabled the command Split with Gap for elements under categories Duct, Pipe, Cable Tray, Conduit, as well as straight segments of MEP Fabrication Ductwork, MEP Fabrication Pipework, and MEP Fabrication Containment.


  • Exposed Dynamo nodes to get and set material texture image paths.


  • The new connection to the Parameter Service allows you to store and manage your shared parameter definitions in the cloud, with tools to more easily find the parameter you need and to load parameters into your project in bulk.


  • Added the ability to flip the direction of the rebar set.


  • Added the ability to edit multiple sheets in the Revisions on Sheets property dialog and the ability to select multiple rows in the Edit Revisions on Sheets dialog.

Revit Cloud Model (workshared)

  • Addressed potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Added the possibility to publish to BIM360/ACC a Revit Cloud Model without the links it hosts

Revit Home

  • Fixed a Japanese translation of wording "Publish Status" on Revit Home.


  • Added the ability for room, area, and space tags to automatically enable the tag leader when moved outside the boundary.

Routing Solutions

  • Improved the behavior of the duct, pipe, conduit, and cable tray elements to not automatically connect new elements to demolished or temporary elements with a cross.


  • Enabled Select All Instance in Legend view.
  • Enabled Select All Instance on new categories including: scope box, parts, curtain system, HVAC zones, and openings.

Shared Coordinates

  • Added the ability to write elements with the large coordinates issue into the Journal file when opening the model with the Audit option checked.


  • Enhanced the Remove From Sheet command on the project browser context menu to support Legend Views, Graphical Column Schedule Views, and Schedule Views and remove every placed instance of the view from every sheet.
  • Enhanced the project browser context menu Open command to support multiple selection, which will open every selected view, schedule or sheet instance.
  • Enhanced the Open Sheet command on the project browser context menu to support Legend Views, Graphical Column Schedule Views, and Schedule Views and open every sheet containing an instance of the selected view.
  • Enhanced the project browser context menu Remove From Sheet command to support multiple selection, and availability directly on placed views.
  • Enhanced the project browser context menu Open Sheet command to support multiple view selection, which will open every sheet containing the selected view instances.
  • Added multiple-selection support when moving views aligned between sheets by dragging and dropping them in the project browser.
  • Added a right-click command Move View Aligned to Sheet, which is enabled when one or more placed views or viewports are selected and will move the views aligned to the selected sheet.
  • Added a Preserve Title Position parameter to the viewport type properties, which when enabled, will preserve the viewport title size and position when changed to another view.
  • Enhanced moving views between sheets, which now automatically moves views aligned when dragged between sheets in the project browser; the manual view placement method will still be used if dragged directly into the sheet drawing area.
  • Added the ability to swap a sheet viewport to a view already placed on another sheet, with a dedicated dialog prompt to first remove the view from the other sheet and then replace the view on the current sheet.


  • Improved the behavior for Add Points with Along surface when 3D views with Top is enabled.
  • Enhanced the add point workflow to match the shared coordinate system for elevation base references.

Steel Connections

  • Updated the version of a particular internal Steel Connections component.
  • Improved the database connection mechanism to allow SteelConnections to support multiple SQlLocalDB versions newer than SQL 2014.

System Browser

  • Fixed an issue with the focus order of the System Browser when switching between models in the same Revit session.


  • Added the "Structural usage" parameter to the label configuration of structural tags.
  • Improved Elevation at Top Core and Elevation at Bottom Core parameters so that they can be used in floor tags for architectural floors.


  • Added the detail number and sheet number to the View Reference Target View list.

Issues Resolved


  • Fixed an API issue where after renaming a sheet, the project browser would not immediately update to reflect the new value.

Adaptive Components

  • Fixed an API issue where a managed exception could occur when re-hosting an adaptive point.


  • Improved the stability when selecting an element after displaced and aligned element.


  • Resolved an issue where an alignment was not created correctly when a bridge model was imported with the Revit InfraWorks Updater plug-in.

Analytical Model

  • Improved stability when upgrading models containing un-hosted structural loads.
  • Improved stability when upgrading models to the new Contextual Analytical Model in Revit.
  • Fixed an issue in which hosted LineLoad on analytical surfaces reported from API incorrectly the same point for StartPoint and EndPoint properties.
  • Improved stability on upgrade of models with non-structural families that contain analytical elements.
  • Fixed an issue in which analytical nodes could become hosted on edges from physical objects when dragging a node.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the analytical opening creation from API to fail in certain situations, for example, when analytical panel contour contains a door outline.
  • Improved stability when upgrading a model containing boundary conditions created on curved lines or edges.
  • Fixed an issue in which Structural Framing and Structural Column families and types were unloaded from the model when Purge Unused command was used, although those section types were used as properties for Analytical Members.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Analytical Opening sketch options were not displayed in the ribbon when an invalid Analytical Opening was previously created.
  • Removed Analytical Beams, Analytical Columns, Analytical Braces, Analytical Floors, Analytical Walls, Analytical Foundation Slabs, Analytical Wall Foundations, and Analytical Isolated Foundations categories from the Parameter Properties dialog.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Analytical Node from an Analytical Member could be hosted to a Structural Framing beam end, using drag and drop in Coarse view.
  • Changed the command name from Modify > Create Analytical Panel to Modify > Create Analytical Panel Boundary in the Analytical Panel sketch mode.
  • Improved performance when a user opens a model that contains analytical elements.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when duplicating an empty sheet.

Autodesk Account Sign In

  • Fixed an issue in which a searched help link cannot be opened from the Info Center if the user is logged in and the search string contains a space or special character.

BIM 360 - Publish Setting

  • Improved the capability to export pdf in models with a large number of sets containing large page size sheets.

Background Processes

  • Improved the stability when Revit element properties are modified with the model closed.

Beams and Braces

  • Improved stability in a specific model when using the Split command on Structural Brace elements.
  • Improved stability when creating structural bracing elements inside the Revit model.

Color Fill

  • Improved the stability when working with color fill scheme.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented hosted elements from rotating with their host.

Data Dictionary

  • Resolved an issue to ensure that a corrupt DDGraph file can recover after installing this update.

Data Exchanges

  • Fixed issue that prevented update of Data Exchanges created from workshared or cloud Revit models.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the inability to create a Data Exchange with Family Instances due to certain conditions related to Rooms.


  • Improved stability when 'Activate Controls' is enabled.
  • Improved the stability when dimension references change.
  • Improved the stability when working with temporary angular dimensions.
  • Improved stability when editing Spot Elevation in the Properties palette and directly clicking on a view tab.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Revit to display incorrect values for the top and bottom elevations of ducts.

Duct/Pipe Display

  • Fixed an issue that caused instability when splitting a duct, pipe, conduit, or cable tray in a temporary state while working in a view that is set to a different phase.

Dynamo for Revit

  • Fixed an issue that the Dynamo unwrapElement not working on dictionaries with cpython3 engine.


  • Improved the stability by providing the option to delete the corrupted elements.
  • Improved stability when placing components in the model.

Energy Model

  • Fixed an issue where an interior wall surface swapped the space references, so that now the wall and surface directions match and the materials are ordered from the second space to the first.
  • Removed the requirement that all underground analytical spaces may only be assigned to Unconditioned zone equipment.

Export PDF

  • Improved the stability when opening a view after an attempt of PDF export sheets with views having temporary view properties on.
  • Improved export pdf for large quantities of 2D views.


  • Improved the stability of Revit when loading title block families.
  • Improved stability when editing title block parameters.
  • Improved stability of searching type catalogs when loading a family.
  • Improved the stability of the Edit Label dialog when deleting family parameters.

Flex Duct

  • Improved stability when dragging and connecting flex pipes and flex ducts to pipes and ducts.


  • Improved stability in model with objects that lost their host.
  • Improved stability while navigating in views.
  • Improved stability when drawing realistic views.
  • Resolved the issue that nested families of a different category than the hosted family do not show the graphic visibility overrides.
  • Improved stability when rendering views with Realistic views active.

Graphics Certification

  • Improved stability on start up hardware diagnostics on specific systems that do not have industry standard manufacture ids such as the M1.
  • Heating and Cooling Loads
  • Added the legacy Heating and Cooling Loads command ID_RBS_HVAC_LOADS in the PostCommand API interface.


  • Improved the IFC export of some walls attached to roofs.
  • Stabilized the IFC export of some files containing classification information.

Import/Export gbXML

  • Addressed an issue where Analytical Surfaces didn't consider the elevation in Project Base Point and using Shared Coordinates.
  • Improved the accuracy of gbXML exports by including materials with zero thickness.
  • Improved gbXML export of the analytical energy model by removing the thickness value from the material name.
  • Export gbXML in Conceptual Masses and Building Elements mode and Building Elements mode should now exclude spaces that have a zero value for the number of people in the computation for the building area.

Import/Export/Link SAT/SKP

  • Improved export to SAT, STL, and OBJ of some geometry defined by elliptical curves.
  • Enabled the Document.Export() API function to work with Revit Core Engine.


  • The Cloud Models for Revit addon now inherits the custom install path.

MEP Connectors

  • Improved stability for graphics generation of piping.

MEP Fabrication

  • Fixed an issue to prevent deletion of parts when connecting to a run containing a combination of reducers and couplings.
  • Improved stability when starting the multi-point routing tool when another editor is already active.
  • Improved stability when dragging a straight to create a tee if taps were on the straight the tee was added to.
  • Fixed an issue with the trim/extend feature which could result in poor stability when used on single connector parts, such as end caps.


  • Improved stability when closing the Material Dialog after duplicating an appearance asset.

Object Styles

  • Resolved the issue that customers cannot apply "Cut Line Styles" to the elements in the linked model.


  • Allowed full access to the Parameters Service capabilities for managing shared parameter definitions in the cloud.
  • Improved stability when loading family type parameters into a family when the corresponding type is not already loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where the move up / move down button was disabled in the Global Parameter dialog.


  • Fixed the reverse print order option in the Print Setting dialog.
  • Fixed the issue to print the right saved Print Set instead of the one selected previously.


  • Updated the API TagBeam sample to include tagging individual bars in rebar sets.

Revit Cloud Model (workshared)

  • Fixed an issue where Revit would stop working if one of the versions of a Revit Cloud Model was opened from the Recent Files in Revit Home.

Revit Home

  • Improved stability when open Revit Home to show file list.

Route Analysis

  • Resolved the issue that the linked walls are not recognized as the obstacles in route analysis.


  • Improved the stability when working on Schedule filter page.
  • Improved the stability when editing a parameter in a sheet list schedule.
  • Fixed elements in group with constraints cannot be updated when editing from schedule.


  • Fixed an issue where Masking Filled Regions did not become transparent when selected.
  • Fixed an issue where a cutting void family did not display on screen when selected.

Shared View

  • Fixed an issue that material textures are missing in the 3D Shared View.


  • Improved stability when copying a legend viewport to the clipboard and attempting to paste into an incompatible view.


  • Fixed an issue so that Contour Label won't flip randomly for the vertical contours.
  • Fixed an issue to allow users to edit topography if the sub-region was inside or overlaps with the building pad.


  • Resolved the issue that NewDimension method gave an "Invalid number of references" error in Revit 2023 API when used in the Family document.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a slight offset when snapping the first point of a line-based family onto a face.


  • Resolved the issue that identical type mark values in multiple types are missing after copy/pasting detail items across models.
  • Improved the stability when adding tags.
  • Fixed an issue with missing tag leader lines when moving crop region in a linked file.
  • Resolved the issue that tags on linked elements fail to maintain their rotations after upgrading.


  • Improved stability when placing text elements.


  • Fixed an issue with the Categories filter list in the Create Parameter dialog for the Parameters Service.


  • Improved stability when upgrading Boundary Condition elements to the new Analytical Model.
  • Fixed an API issue that occurred when upgrading models containing links.

User Interface

  • Resolved the issue where fabrication parts with identical name were not displayed in the type selector.
  • Improved the stability for tab views.
  • Improved stability at Revit startup.


  • Improved stability in displaying cut representations of imported DWGs.
  • Improved the stability when editing the visibility/graphic overrides settings.

View Filters

  • Fixed an issue where using a view filter that includes the 'contains' operator and filtering all selected categories by a workset in a Revit link, elements not meeting the filter criteria would still be included.


  • Fixed an issue which prevented the ability to have a tapered wall with inserts that are in a different phase from the wall itself.
  • Fixed an issue when changing the wall type while using the create wall tool to a wall type that was last used to create a tapered wall.
  • Improved stability when selecting a wall in model.


  • Fixed an issue where an element would disappear when using Undo for a deleted element in worksharing workflows.
  • Fixed the permission error when using Undo for a deleted element in worksharing workflows.