Autodesk Tandem Released

Jul 12, 2021 – Autodesk announces the public availability of the Autodesk Tandem cloud platform

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Autodesk announced the commercial availability of the Autodesk Tandem digital twin cloud technology after a six-month long public beta.

The Autodesk Tandem platform is now available to both AEC firms and Building Owners.

Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem enables improved operational efficiencies for the lifetime of the built asset.

Autodesk Tandem allows substantive operational asset data to be targeted, tracked, and managed throughout AEC design development and facility operations to produce a usable digital twin model of a facility. Tandem employs an identified set of workflows and customizable set of APIs that couple Autodesk cloud technologies to produce better managed and usable BIM data results.

Autodesk Tandem can gather all the information about a building, its systems and critical equipment in both tabular and 3D representations. Building operators and facilities managers can then find the information they’re looking for when responding to operational issues to keep proper maintenance. This insight tells them what to expect when they arrive at the maintenance location and helps them understand how work on one system may impact another.

Visit the new official Autodesk Tandem website for more details.

“..more than 95 percent of all (design development) data goes unused in engineering and construction, which results in inefficient processes and lost revenue for AEC firms and owners.”

“Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform that aims to turn that stat on its head. It enables projects to start digital, stay digital, and deliver digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence.”
                      Bob Bray, Senior Director, Autodesk Tandem

Read Bob Bray’s recent More Than a Buzzword: Digital Twin Drives AEC Tandem roll out post.

The current Autodesk Tandem pricing is based on the number of assets managed and tracked:

  • Tandem Free trial - 1000 assets
  • Tandem Commercial – 5000 assets @ $3000/yr or $0.60/asset per year
  • An unlimited license is available

Visit the current Autodesk Tandem Roadmap that describes current launched capabilities, in progress, and under construction features for the Tandem product.